Future Education

    As a link to the inheritance of our civilization, is the hope of humanity. With our progress on science and technology, our education method evolved as well. seewo, our brand for future education, is providing an integrated solution on educational information technology by providing an interactive flat panels with other peripherals. This will allow more students with different backgrounds to have the same experience as others in the process of learning.

    According to AVC cloud network statistics, in 2016, seewo, with a share of 32% in domestic interactive flat panel market, ranked NO. 1 in the industry. Moreover, we have delivered our Interactive Flat panel to more than 60 countries outside of China, there is more than 700,000 classrooms are using our Digital Classroom Solution, our "Smart Campus" integrated solution has upgraded and transformed to many schools in the world.


    In the future, for the contribution of education progress, we will continue to create ultimate experience and environment around teacher, students, classrooms and teaching.


    Digital Classroom Solution