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    CVTE seewo Shows up at Shenzhen Educational Equipment & Technology Show 2018 and Many Hi-Tech Products are Sought-after


    From December 26 to 28, the China (Shenzhen) Educational Equipment & Technology Show under the theme of “Create Dreams Together and Pilot with Sciences and Education” was held. To the field of education, it was no more than an exhibition but a comprehensive exchange platform with myriad domestic and overseas institutions, elements, and forms.

    CVTE’s educational technology brand seewo showcased many educational hi-tech products as one of the representative enterprises of the IT-based technology and smart education system, attracting high attention.

    Chairman Peng Jinhuan addressing at the opening ceremony

    High-end Interview

    seewo: Dedicated to Becoming an Educational Technology Brand Trusted by Tens of Millions of Teachers

    At this exhibition, interviewed seewo regarding the current development of products of the education industry and seewo’s strategies. According to seewo, “seewo always responds to national policies and concern itself with the development of IT-based education and teachers’ growth. For example, it has initiated the seewo Xingtan Program that trains teachers with teachers, the seewo Famous Teacher Award as a stage to show capabilities, the seewo Charity Campaign helping countryside teachers continue growing (in such forms as IT-based education training and demonstration school aid) and regional activities improving teachers’ IT-based teaching capability. seewo has been using actions to support and promote China’s development of IT-based education and help teachers better improve their capabilities and realize their self-worth on the path of IT-based education.”

    “Moreover, seewo brought to this exhibition its products including the interactive smart panel, seewo Cloud Class Card, and Class Optimization Master. Among them, the seewo Cloud Class Card, seewo Easy Classroom, seewo Interactive Video Player, seewo Smart Blackboard, and Memory Blackboard are the featured products. The purpose of seewo’s unremitting effort is to let classroom environment and teachers keep up with technologies and combine wisdom with technologies. Nowadays, products in the education industry are changing fast and first-line teacher’s requirements for application tools have turned from being unitary to being diverse. However, as a professional provider of application tools for IT-based education, seewo is dedicated to becoming an educational technology brand trusted by tens of millions of teachers while supplying practical and user-friendly application tools for the development of IT-based education.”

    General manager of seewo Guangdong Platform being interviewed by

    Spectacular Site  

    seewo’s Educational Hi-tech Achievements Shine at the Exhibition

    Visitors swarmed to the booth of seewo and distinguished guests were curious about seewo’s educational achievements. At the bustling venue, one could hear a person saying, “Wow, I know this education brand. It is the seewo used in many schools. Its products are really good, especially its flipped classroom. Children like that way of having classes.” The “flipped classroom” they talked about is the teaching pattern of flipped classroom in the seewo Easy Classroom.

    seewo’s booth

    In the seewo Easy Classroom, teachers can create a teaching plan using seewo flipped classroom teaching platform and push it to students for online flipped learning in various forms including choosing, reading, and Q&A. The data of students’ learning process can be stored automatically so that teachers can easily know their learning effect and provide every student with personalized teaching. The interaction function of the seewo Easy Classroom can realize the classroom interaction between teachers and students and between students to enhance students’ interest in learning instead of following the teaching pattern with teachers’ teaching and students’ listening.

    seewo Easy Classroom

    In front of the seewo Interactive Video Player, a lady was excitedly talking with seewo staff to learn every detail about how the player created the normalized video classroom that is easy to use and popularize. The staff answered cordially that the seewo Interactive Video Player has equipped teaching with local recording and playing, remote interaction, resource sharing, teaching and research assessment, and other functions, helped schools develop and popularize high-quality teaching resources to simplify teachers’ remote resource sharing so that they can easily record their own videos and realize normalized use.

    seewo Interactive Video Player

    seewo Cloud Class Card also drew attention with its convenient and easy operation, App operating system, diversified display template, and open resource operation platform, which all help schools and teachers create the digital school information window. Moreover, the Cloud Class Card allows parents to use its app to send messages to students or receive the school’s announcements, know their children’s status at school, tutor efficiently and communicate with the school conveniently to establish a closer family-school relationship.

    seewo Cloud Class Card

    The seewo Smart Blackboard was most amazing to viewers. It fascinated many of them with its smart look and was called the “best-selling charmer”. The writing blackboard is combined with a touch screen to present blackboard-writing integration and liked for its smooth writing, no residual, HD display, and sensitive operation. The front speaker has an excellent sound effect, delivering comfortable video and audio experience. With two systems of Windows and Android, separate whiteboard writing and courseware playing, and multi-functional tools, it meets the needs of teaching. Any channel is open to writing, commenting, and screen capture, enabling smart operation.   

    seewo Smart Blackboard

    As a professional provider of application tools for IT-based education, seewo actively responds to national policies, takes root in “teachers, classrooms, and teaching”, takes the improvement of teaching effect as the core objective, supplies digital environment hardware, normalized teaching application tools, and digital management and services and seeks to be an educational technology brand trusted by tens of millions of teachers and create information-based tools that truly suits Chinese education.