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    CVTE seewo Charity Campaign 2018 Aiding 100+ Schools across China Comes to an End


    IT-based Education Skill Training


    The half-year “See the Power of Growth -- seewo Charity Campaign 2018” that CVTE’s educational technology brand seewo initiated at the cost of RMB 5.5 million came to an end. This campaign visited more than 100 rural schools across China and benefited more than 3,500 rural teachers and 49,000 students.

    As an educational Charity Campaign conducting “equipment donation + educational aid”, this seewo Charity Campaign donated basic IT-based education equipment like interactive smart panel to rural schools and recruited “growth instructors” from first-line teachers across China who went to each area for IT-based education exchange and training in the hope of enlightening the teaching thinking of rural teachers.

    “Rural teachers’ yearning for IT-based education is truly beyond our imagination. Seeing teachers in their 50s sitting straight and carefully taking notes like children, you will fell the things you do are really meaningful. In fact, rural teachers are excellent. After training for two days, most of them could teach with the equipment. The result was good.” Yan, a “growth instructor” who returned from an aid in Anyang, Henan, had a lot to say about the campaign.   

    Give rural children an opportunity to enjoy the wonder of IT-based education

    The fast development of information technology has changed the traditional classroom pattern with “one piece of chalk, one blackboard, and one textbook”. The interactive display equipment has enlivened the interactive classroom and network teaching resources have greatly increased teachers’ efficiency of preparation and teaching of classes. We can see the radical changes brought by the IT-based education. Despite the increasingly fast pace of IT-based education, some remote rural schools still lack materials and teachers.

    “Is it true? We can learn how to sing from the big screen? Can we learn how to repair a house? When I offered teaching support, children asked lots of questions every day,” a seewo training lecturer who participated in the charitable aid recollected. “The interactive smart panels that are common in urban schools became mysterious and appealing hi-tech equipment to children in the countryside. I hope that the popularization of the basic equipment could help them break from barriers and widen their horizon.”

    To enable more teachers and students in the countryside to enjoy the wonderful changes brought by the IT-based education, seewo has benefited more than 200 rural schools by donating IT-base education equipment to them, giving them IT-based education training and investing a total of more than RMB 13 million for consecutive three years. In every return visit and in every letter of thanks sent by teachers and students of benefited schools, seewo see the changes nurtured by information technology in the classrooms of rural schools: students are more active in answering questions at class; the class atmosphere has changed from being silence to being lively; teachers no longer cram knowledge into students but start to teach in an interactive and fun way. IT-based education is gradually enabling rural children to enjoy high-quality education like their rural peers.

    Equipment donation and education aid are done at the same time to offer the means instead of things

    The seewo Charity Campaign organized for three years further convinced us that basic materials like computers and books are not enough to improve rural children’s education and they need better teachers. Just like a partner of seewo said after returning from a teaching aid in Yunnan, “If we just deliver the equipment to the rural schools and leave them there unattended, teachers may lock them up because they don’t know how to use them. If so, any advanced equipment will be mere decoration. We hope that the training could help them use the advanced equipment and widen their thinking of teaching to truly improve rural education.”

    In addition to recruiting excellent first-line teachers from all over China as the “growth instructors” offering IT-based education exchange and training in rural schools, the seewo Charity Campaign 2018 promoted the rural-urban school pairing and aiding mechanism via seewo demonstration schools, offered regional training and realized the growth aid that “influencing an area with a point and then another area with the area” to benefit more rural teachers and students. Besides, the campaign also organized the “Growth Award” interactive teaching competition for teachers from aided schools across China to enhance the results of the charitable training, encourage more rural teachers to dare to take the first step of change, grow with more teachers and show the achievements of IT-based education in each stage.

    The donation of IT-based education equipment can improve the rural teaching environment. The teaching aid of the “growth instructors” has buried a seed of growth in every rural teacher. The seed will sprout, bloom, bear fruit and spread more seeds to every corner of China to enable more and more rural teachers and students to grow. The nature of education is “One tree shakes another, one cloud pushes another and one soul awakes another”, so is education charity’s.

    Even though the half-year seewo Charity Campaign 2018 is over, CVTE will never forget its social responsibility and alway expects to facilitate rural teachers’ self-development with its capability and promote the balanced educational development so that children living deep in mountainous areas can experience the wonder of IT-based education.