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    CVTE seewo Wins the “Charitable Practice Award of 2018” of the 8th China Charity Festival


    On January 14, the 8th China Charity Festival, the most influential annual event in the field of charity*, was held in Beijing. CVTE seewo won the “Charitable Practice Award of 2018” during the review of the festival and played the documentary of the seewo Charity Campaign 2018 on the site, moving the audience with affecting stories.

    Representative of seewo receiving the trophy on the stage

    As a guest speaker at the opening ceremony of the event, the representative of seewo delivered a speech entitled “Practice -- See the Power of Growth”. He said, “How to better help rural teachers optimize their teaching capability while improving rural the teaching condition? This is what the seewo Charity Campaign has been considering and practicing.”

    Representative of seewo delivering an opening speech

    See the Power of Growth

    Based on these considerations, the seewo Charity Campaign 2018 increased the investment to optimize the aid mechanism. It donated basic IT-based education equipment like interactive smart panel and recruited “growth instructors” from first-line teachers across China, who went to each area to give IT-based education exchange and training and help rural teachers with professional development.

    To help rural teachers consolidate their training achievements and explore the long-term aid mechanism between rural and urban schools, seewo has offered regional training to realized the growth aid of “influencing an area with a point and then another area with the area” and benefit more rural teachers and students. It also organized the “Growth Award” interactive teaching competition for teachers from aided schools across China to enhance the results of the charitable training, encourage more rural teachers to dare to take the first step of change.

    The seewo Charity Campaign 2018 has aided more than 100 schools across China, invested more than RMB 5.5 million and benefited more than 3,500 teachers and 49,000 students.

    This charity campaign of seewo has been covered by media including China Education Daily, Modern Education News, Nei Mongol Television, Kunming Education Television,,, and, attracting attention to the education of remote countryside from all social sectors.

    China Education Daily

    Modern Education News

    Kunming Education Television

    During the seewo Charity Campaign 2018, we could see the changes in rural schools’ classrooms that were propelled by information technology. The fast development of information technology changed the traditional class pattern relying on “one piece of chalk, one blackboard, and one textbook” so that teachers no longer cram knowledge into students but start to teach in an interactive and fun way. The interactive display equipment gave new life to the interactive class, made students more active in answering teachers’ questions and livened up the past unanimated classroom atmosphere. The network teaching resources sharply increased teachers’ efficiency of lesson preparation.  

    The IT-based education has enabled rural children to enjoy the high-quality education like their urban peers. This has further firmed seewo’s resolution of being committed to charity.  

    Fulfill Social Responsibility with Actions

    Since 2016, seewo has donated IT-based education equipment to rural schools, given them relevant training and invested more than 13 million Yuan for consecutive three years, benefiting more than 200 rural schools.

    Having developed in the field of education for nearly 10 years, seewo is deeply aware that knowledge is the best means of rural children to change their destinies and what they need is not only basic materials like computers and books but also excellent teachers who are dedicated to the countryside. Only when teachers change their thinking of teaching and grow can children have sustainably high-quality education.

    Like seewo shared at the China Charity Festival, “If the annual seewo Charity Campaign is a ‘big event’ of seewo in the fulfillment of its social responsibility, developing the high-quality products that are needed by users and capable of advancing education is the ‘routine’ in the fulfillment.”

    As the creator of the first domestic interactive smart panel and provider of application tools for IT-based education, seewo is always user-centric supplier of high-quality application tools and services.

    The nature of education is “One tree shakes another, one cloud pushes another and one soul awakes another”, so is education charity’s. CVTE hopes that it could use its actions to inspire more people in the society to join it in taking the social responsibility to make the Chinese education better.

    * Source: the website of China Charity Festival