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    Guests of the 7th Annual Meeting of the Western Returned Scholars Association Visits CVTE


    The 7th Annual Meeting of the Western Returned Scholars Association (Overseas-educated Scholars Association of China), the Returned Scholar’s Summit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Guangzhou, was held in Guangzhou. Leaders of the Western Returned Scholars Association, representatives of provinces and cities, representatives of domestic and overseas projects had a field survey in such places as Huangpu District of Guangzhou and Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and visited CVTE to experience its innovative environment and cutting-edge technologies and products.

    The Western Returned Scholars Association is an organization voluntarily constituted by Chinese students who returned from different countries. It is led by Secretariat of the Communist Party of China and administered by United Front Work Department and focuses on domestic and overseas professional scholars and talents of innovation and entrepreneurship. This year’s annual meeting was under the theme of “Gather overseas talents who returned to reward the motherland and push Guangzhou to the forefront of China.”

    In front of the large LED screen at the company’s showroom, the guests learned about the development of CVTE carefully. Then they visited such exhibitions as future education, corporate services, healthcare, and healthy home and knew about and experience the seewo Interactive Smart Panel and teaching software, MAXHUB High-Efficiency Conference Platform, XICOO professional medical display, intelligent medical products, and smart home applications.

    A staff showing the practical application of seewo Interactive Smart Panel in education

    Staff demonstrating the functional applications of MAXHUB Conference Panel on the site

    Guests inspecting XICOO professional medical display and smart medical products

    Guests experiencing a smart home product

    As a listed hi-tech enterprise, CVTE concentrates its investment on the innovation of product development and has many complex laboratories that include the EMC laboratory on which it has spent tens of millions Yuan. Presently, 60% of the employees at the company are technology personnel. CVTE ranked first among Guangdong enterprises with its number of patent applications in 2016 and 2017 and was included in the ranking lists of “Top 500 Chinese Private Manufacturing Enterprises of 2018” and the “Top 100 Guangdong Enterprises of 2018” in this year.

    In the future, CVTE will continue making unremitting efforts in technological innovation and striving to boost the innovative development of Guangdong Province and make a contribution to social and economic development.