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    CVTE XICOO Helps Yunshan Medical Build Smart One-Stop Boutique Hospital


    On November 18, Yunshan Medical’s Yunshan Yunli Hospital and Yunshan Yinghe Medical Imaging Center were completed in Shenzhen. Meanwhile, the “Smart Hospital Integrated Solution” and the “Integrated Reading Center” tailored by XICOO affiliated to CVTE were put into operation at the Yunshan Yunli Hospital and Yunshan Yinghe Medical Imaging Center.

    As a smart boutique hospital built by Yunshan Medical, the Yunshan Yunli Hospital has hundred-level laminar flow operating theatres. To meet the hospital’s needs for diversified high-end medical services, XICOO Medical has supplied a complete set of “Smart Hospital Integrated Solution” to further improve its medical efficiency and quality and provide patients with a worry-free experience.

    The Yunshan Yinghe Medical Imaging Center is the first independent medical imaging diagnosis center in Shenzhen. Besides the world’s cutting-edge [1] molecular imaging diagnosis device, it is also equipped with the “Integrated Reading Center” of XICOO Medical.

    On the day of the opening ceremony, many medical experts, guests, and mainstream media were showed around the Yunshan Yunli Hospital and the Yunshan Yinghe Medical Imaging Center and deeply experienced the XICOO’s products including Smart Ward and Smart Reading Room.

    “Small Pixel Pitch LED Display” -- A Display with Higher Definition

    At the inpatient department hall of the hospital, the XICOO small pixel pitch LED HD display constantly delivers the hospital’s care to patients.

    Relying on such features as seamless splicing and lossless image display, XICOO’s small pixel pitch LED HD display can meet the hospital’s needs to display promotion content and help communicate its spirit and demonstrate its strength.

    Moreover, in large and medium-sized conferences, in conjunction with the XICOO interactive smart panel, the XICOO small pixel pitch LED HD display helps create a new audio-visual experience and a user-friendly interactive experience to ensure successful communication of large conferences.

    “Smart Ward Integrated Solution” -- Smart and Warmer

    The “Smart Ward Integrated Solution” of XICOO has been applied across the ward area of the inpatient department of the Yunshan Yunli Hospital, which is a step forward toward the refined hospital management and the human-oriented patient services.

    The Yunshan Yunli Hospital equips the nurse station of the ward area with XICOO’s “Smart Nursing Interactive Screen” and “Smart AI Data Processing Platform” to optimize the approach to collect information and integrate ward information in an intelligent way so as to improve the nursing workflow and reduce the workload of nurses.

    While showing the key information of the ward area, the “Smart Nursing Interactive Screen” can also help build a convenient learning space for nurses so that they could learn flexibly whenever they are free.

    The “Smart Nursing AI Data Processing Platform” can help nurses process the needs in patients’ calls, assign tasks with the intelligent technology, shorten the patient’s waiting time and advance refined nursing. Through the collection and recording of information and data, XICOO truly enables the hospital to collect the nursing data, follow up the nursing process and improve the safety of the diagnosis and treatment for patients. 

    At the door of each ward, a nurse can use the identification function of the “Smart Nursing Door Screen” to quickly read the corresponding nursing workflow. Every door terminal has become an AI assistant for nurses that helps them improve their work efficiency and quality.

    The “Smart Interactive Bedside Screen” in the ward has become the bridge linking medical staff and patients and clearly displays the key information concerning patients, departments, and medical staff. Besides, the “Double Screen” [2] interaction can facilitate such operations as cost inquiry and patient education and enhance the communication between medical staff and patients to establish a harmonious relationship between medical staff and patients.

    XICOO “Magic Mirror” is also used in every VIP ward in the inpatient department of Yunshan Yunli Hospital. While washing, the patient can use the “Magic Mirror” to check the weather and the news of the day and play music and videos for physical and mental pleasure to get a cure for both the body and mind at the hospital.

    “Integrated Reading Center” -- Professional and More Efficient [3]

    As the first independent medical imaging diagnostics center in Shenzhen, the Yunshan Yinghe Medical Imaging Center has applied the “Integrated Reading Center” of XICOO Medical to create a professional, efficient and human-oriented reading and consultation environment.

    XICOO Medical’s “Integrated Reading Center” centers on XICOO’s professional medical imaging display products and is an integrated solution including intelligent environment control, intelligent X ray reading workbench, and other auxiliary equipment.

    To address the problems with domestic reading rooms, XICOO Medical’s “Integrated Reading Center” refers to international standards and advanced concepts, seeks to meet hospitals’ actual needs and considers many factors including professional reading ambient light, wall requirements, acoustics, ergonomic design, and air quality to create an integrated, professional, human-oriented intelligent reading center solution.

    In addition to guaranteeing high-quality image and professional reading environment, the solution is equipped with intelligent central control so that medical staff can have an immersive work experience by switching among scenarios with the user-friendly interface of the “Magic Mirror”. 

    While meeting the basic reading needs, XICOO Medical’s “Integrated Reading Center” also has a 65-inch “8M Integrated Consultation Center.” With features including high resolution, high brightness, long-lasting stability of brightness, and DICOM3.14 images, the center can meet the hospital’s needs for applications in scenarios like multidisciplinary consultation, training demonstration, and team meetings.

    With the help of XICOO Medical, Yunshan Medical has built a smart boutique hospital -- Yunshan Yunli Hospital and Yunshan Yinghe Medical Imaging Center to offer patients a professional, high-end, and caring medical environment and create a worry-free medical experience. 

    CVTE aspires to integrate the innovative technologies it has accumulated for years into medical scenario applications. In the future, its XICOO Medical will join hands with more hospitals and enterprises to empower medical care with technologies, help with the innovation of medical informationization, benefit the high-quality development of medical services and make medical services more comfortable.

    [1] Source: Yunshan Medical Group

    [2] The “double screen” refers to the mobile phone screen and the “Smart Interactive Bedside Screen”

    [3] The “more efficient” is based on the comparison with the existing traditional reading environment in China

    Source of images: Yunshan Medical Group