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    Technologies Empower Office: CVTE MAXHUB High-Efficiency Conference Platform Shines at China Modern Office Industry Annual Meeting 2018


    From November 19 to 21, 2018, China Modern Office Industry Annual Meeting 2018 themed with “Empower · Upgrade” was held at Jin Jiang International Hotel Xi’an. Manufacturers, dealers, and guests from China’s OA industry and other industries and media reporters gathered to share wisdom and business opportunities.

    MAXHUB High-efficiency Conference Platform of CVTE showed up with its latest intelligent conference solutions, becoming the spotlight on the site.

    As a vanguard in the Chinese conference panel market, MAXHUB High-Efficiency Conference Platform is always dedicated to improving the efficiency of corporate conferences in many industries and helping update conferences.

    At the annual meeting, the medium and large conference room solution displayed by MAXHUB attracted high attention. The solution integrates MAXHUB conference panel, wireless screen mirroring, stylus, 138-inch LED small pixel pitch display, and teleconferencing system to meet the needs for conference display, writing, and collaboration. Meanwhile, MAXHUB helps medium and large conference rooms break the restrictions of viewing distance, demonstration interaction, and deployment maintenance and provides them with a more efficient, professional and intelligent experience. It also applies to more application scenarios including corporate showrooms and receptions.

    For small conference rooms, MAXHUB conference panel underwent an intelligent update with intelligent writing, wireless projection screen, App large screen control, saving by code scan, and secondary convenience for minutes to improve the user experience. Besides, MAXHUB also seeks to break the space limit to realize human-to-human and human-to-enterprise interconnection and initiate a boundless communication by centering on MAXHUB cloud conference, a cloud conference system it independently developed, and using the built-in camera and array microphone.

    In addition, for different scenarios like party building and new retail, MAXHUB brought a brand new solution that attempts to improve corporate efficiency and reduce operating cost in every aspect.


    As the OA industry gradually shifts from being unitary to being platform-based, collaborative office, IT-based platform, and mobile OA will be the prevailing trends in the future. Meanwhile, with the continuously increasing impetus of the government, technologies including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality are quickly applied and upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain grab the opportunity of the entrance of intelligent terminals to gain the presence in people’s life and work.

    MAXHUB High-Efficiency Conference Platform has changed the single-function product logic and many traditional conference patterns in industries, enabling users to feel the efficiency and convenience of technology-empowered office. This is also an opportunity for enterprises to make use of OA in their transformation. According to rough statistics, in last year, more than 200 of China’s top 500 companies used the MAXHUB High-Efficiency Conference Platform*.

    We hope that MAXHUB will offer innovative driving force for enterprises’ office upgrade and help them create more value through more technical applications and the integration of open resources.

    *Source: MAXHUB internal marketing data