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    The Number One Science and Technology Fair of China: CVTE MAXHUB Conference Panel Debuts at China Hi-Tech Fair 2018


    On November 18, the 20th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) was closed at the Shenzhen Convention & Fair Center. The CHTF is currently the largest and most influential science and technology fair in China and known as the “Number One Science and Technology Fair of China”. The theme of this year’s CHTF was “Hold fast to new development concepts and promote high-quality development”.

    At this fair that combines results trading, product display, high-level forum, project investment, and cooperation and exchange, CVTE’s MAXHUB high-efficiency conference platform and a number of leading companies including Intel, Huawei and TCL showcased hi-tech products and technologies and presented a carnival of technologies.

    Myriad innovative products gathered and MAXHUB conference panel draw attention

    More than 1,000 new products and new technologies were displayed at this year’s CHTF. The integration of new-generation information technologies like artificial intelligence and Internet+ and industries was a much discussed topic at the fair.

    As the forerunner of the Chinese conference panel market, MAXHUB high-efficiency conference platform presented the new-generation X3 conference panel that applies to three major conference scenarios -- writing, presentation, and collaboration, and removes the restrictions of the tradition, on the site. The comprehensive conference solutions of MAXHUB that are applied to finance and party building attracted wide attention. Meanwhile, the cool features of the X3 conference panel including multi-screen interaction and remote screen synchronization also attracted the attention of media and industrial professionals, winning popularity for the booth.

    From the traditional conference using pens and paper to the smart conference, how long does the enterprise still have to go?

    In the speech session, the person in charge of MAXHUB product said, “In the past, commercial projectors were few. The economical display equipment with large screen became the normal choice of enterprises for conferences. However, as large-sized screens are put into production one after another and touch interaction and artificial intelligence technologies are improving, enterprise users now have more choices.”

    “On the other hand, along with the upgrade of the overall productivity tools, more new technologies are industrialized and continue playing a role in people’s daily life and work. Take a conference, which is a small matter, as the example. In the past, when we needed brainstorming, we wrote on the whiteboard and inevitably ran into many embarrassments like insufficient writing space and difficult erasing of writing marks and the cost of whiteboard pen increased. When we made a PPT presentation to the customer, it took a long time to connect with the projector and the loss of a connection could happen during the presentation. These unexpected situations interrupted the conference and caused unsatisfactory customer experience. It happened more frequently that the equipment was incapable of supporting increasing conferences, lowering the efficiency of most conferences. As a result, 2/3 of daytime was taken up by conferences and employees had to work overtime at night to complete the tasks that were supposed to be completed during the day...” These scenarios in his speech aroused the empathy of visitors of the fair.

    To break away from the limitation of the traditional conference, the need to change the way of conference is extremely pressing. With recent years’ update of big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence technology, collaborative intelligent conferences are gradually replacing the traditional conference modes, with the substitute being the intelligent conference pattern represented by MAXHUB that is more efficient, relaxing, easy to use and more acceptable to contemporary office workers.

    Multi-industry solutions only for creating an easier and more efficient way of office work

    Therefore, at this CHTF, MAXHUB brought four solutions to the industrial professionals participating in the fair. These solutions were traditional conference room, remote conference room solutions as well as brand new financial marketing solution and smart party building solution.

    In a traditional conference room, one MAXHUB conference panel alone can help increase conference efficiency. With the 4K anti-dazzle HD display, touch control interactive whiteboard function, conference content wireless projection screen[1], minutes sharing by code scanning, and cloud storage function, MAXHUB helps get rid of the complexity and restrictions of traditional conferences and link all parts of the conferences efficiently.

    As for remote conferences, MAXHUB conference panel 1200w with three camera lens[2] shows HD videos and images and has an enlarged display, which can help achieve “zero distance” video conversation. The content of each participant at the conference can be shared through the remote screen and displayed simultaneously for participants to mark the key points so that the conference communication is more convenient. Moreover, MAXHUB is deeply aware that conference security is particularly important for large enterprises. Its professional encryption algorithm[3] cloud conference enables participants to set the conference password before attending the conference to reliably protect information and data security.

    MAXHUB’s smart hall marketing system for financial institutions like bank outlets has been appreciated and recognized by visitors of the fair. The smart party building solution launched by MAXHUB for the government and public sectors can diversify the forms of party classes and party conferences to help increase the efficiency of party building.

    CVTE supplies inexhaustible power with technological innovation

    Combining high technologies including intelligent writing, multi-screen interaction, and remote collaboration, MAXHUB high-efficiency conference platform provides different scenarios with a variety of solutions and improves every aspect of office experience. These high technologies are attributable to the technology research and development of the parent company CVTE.

    At CVTE, a listed hi-tech company, more than 60% of nearly 3,500 employees are personnel of technology research and development, providing the talent engine for the innovative development of product technologies. In each quarter, CVTE holds a patent awarding conference to encourage innovative talent cultivation and internal innovation and entrepreneurship. Zhang Yan, President of CVTE Corporate Service Group, said at Yike Talks, “CVTE is defining the era of intelligent interactive conferences. We have invested a lot into the research and development in frontier domains including touch control, human-computer interaction, wireless signal bidirectional transmission, speech processing, and image processing. In recent two years, CVTE tops all Guangzhou enterprises in the number of patent applications.”

    CVTE will put more effort into technological innovation and commercialize scientific research results by taking the application scenarios in such fields as enterprise services, education, and healthcare into consideration to bring more new technologies and new ideas to the development of the industry.  

    [1] Wireless screen mirroring means that the PC supports Windows 7, macOS 10.10 and above and the mobile phone and panel screen mirroring supports Android 5.0, iOS 9.0 and above. The computer can achieve screen mirroring by connecting to MAXHUB wireless screen mirroring device. If used for the first time, the wireless screen mirroring device needs to be paired with the conference panel. The computer, mobile phone, and panel can realize screen mirroring by downloading the MAXHUB screen mirroring app.


    [2] The 1200w three camera lenses are limited to MAXHUB X3 flagship version.

    [3] Applies end-to-end AES256 bit encryption algorithm.