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    CVTE seewo Becomes a Title Sponsor of China Educational Equipment Exhibition Again and Releases Three New Products


    On November 19, the 75th China Educational Equipment Exhibition sponsored by CVTE’s educational technology brand seewo was closed at the Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center.

    Before the opening ceremony, the “seewo blue” occupied a subway station in Nanchang

    In the week before the opening of China Educational Equipment Exhibition, the International Expo Center Station of Nanchang Metro was prevailed by the color blue. Stories about education were orderly placed at the subway gate, underground tunnel, and subway staircase to form a tunnel of IT-based education. 

    Meanwhile, seewo arranged for buses to pick up exhibitors from the airport for free and elaborately compiled a guidebook for every exhibitor as the exclusive title sponsor.

    seewo addressed on behalf of exhibitors at the opening ceremony

    It was the fourth time for seewo, a provider of IT-based education application tools, to be the title sponsor of the event. At this year’s exhibition, Huang Minghan, President of CVTE Future Education Group, addressed on behalf of the exhibitors at the opening ceremony. He said, “As one of the leading brands in the industry, seewo has the commitment to education and the sense of mission, which are already in its DNA. Since entering the education industry in 2010, we have grown from a provider only offering interactive multimedia devices to a provider of comprehensive IT-based education application tools and services. We refuse to pursue vague concepts and merely put technical gimmicks together but focus on users’ actual needs and experience improvement.”

    seewo’s theme of “Focus on small campus applications and discover the small data of teaching” led to heated discussion

    Continuing the theme of the last two sessions the exhibition, seewo proposed the theme of “Focus on small campus applications and discover the small data of teaching”, triggering heated discussion at the venue.

    As a provider of IT-based education application tools, seewo provides such application tools as digital environment hardware, normalized application software, and data management and service software. In simple terms, the small campus application helps teachers improve their teaching performance; and the small data of teaching help managers and teachers get a clear view of the teaching process to optimize teaching in a more targeted way.

    seewo unveiled three new products: Interactive Video Player, Cloud Class Card, and Easy Classroom

    At the exhibition, seewo launched three new products: seewo Interactive Video Player, seewo Easy Classroom, and seewo Cloud Class Card. Guests who had tried them couldn’t stop exclaiming the strong lineup and high quality.

    seewo Interactive Video Player, one of the highlighted new products, caters to teaching and research. At the exhibition, it created a normalized and user-friendly interactive video class, widely attracting attention. Two products -- seewoBook and Class Cloud Server, were added to the seewo Classroom as the new powerful tools for creating a normalized smart classroom. Moreover, seewo Cloud Class Card, a stylish digital campus information window, was widely complimented for its high-profile functions including cloud platform deployment, face recognition, and convenient mobile phone posting.

    seewo joined hands with Intel to launch seewoBook and Class Cloud Server

    The Forum for Case Exchange and Sharing of Innovative Application of Normalized Smart Classroom was held in Nanchang during the exhibition. At the forum, Huang Minghan, President of CVTE Future Education Group, and Jose avalos, Vice President of Retail Business of Internet of Things Group of Intel, unveiled the seewoBook and Class Cloud Server. For Chinese educational application scenarios, seewoBook is designed with the student cloud operating system seewo OS, which is featured by quick response, simple interface, and security, to create a clean learning environment for students. The Class Cloud Server can guarantee smooth connection even when the network is slow or when there is no network at all to help the classroom teaching proceed smoothly. The innovative breakthroughs of the two new products will offer more reliable technical supports for the construction of the normalized smart classroom and help realize convenient and practical classroom interaction and diverse and flexible flipped learning.

    Documentary of seewo Public Welfare Campaign 2018 was premiered at the exhibition and moved audiences

    While taking the path to be a technology brand trusted by millions of teachers, seewo has never forgotten its social responsibility and invested into the seewo Public Welfare Campaign for years to let more teachers and students in remote areas to experience the wonderful IT-based education. 

    During the seewo Public Welfare Campaign 2018, while donating IT-based teaching equipment including interactive smart panels, seewo recruited “growth instructors” from excellent teacher users and went to the countryside with them to offer IT-based teaching training at aided schools in an attempt to establish a long-term aid mechanism. The documentary of seewo Public Welfare Campaign 2018 was premiered at the exhibition and affected audiences who were drawn to the documentary.

    2018 was an unusual year for education because a number of important policies that indicated new directions and raised new requirements for the future of the industry were issued. The government and social sectors continue increasing the investment into education and promoting its development. The education industry has also begun to be supervised and guided by more policies and regulations and come under the spotlight of the public and its standardization continues enhancing. These changes have brought tremendous opportunities to user-centric enterprises that are truly committed to education.


    Since it became a player in the education industry in 2009, CVTE has released seewo, its own brand. Over nearly 10 years of dedication to education, seewo has been basing itself on “teachers, classrooms, and teaching”, providing normalized teaching application tools, digital environment hardware equipment, and data management and services and seeking to “deepen application and integrate innovations” to help build digital elementary and secondary schools in the era of IT-based education 2.0.


    If the education is booming, the country is booming; if the education is strong, the country is strong. The education decides the present and future of mankind. CVTE will continue benefiting the development of the IT-based education and fighting of China and fighting for the future of education.