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    MAXHUB Futuristic Technology Shows up at World Internet Conference


    On November 9, the 5th World Internet Conference drew to an end in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. Under the theme of “Creating a Digital World for Mutual Trust and Collective Governance — Towards a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace”, the conference focused on cutting-edge technologies and the latest trends in the world’s Internet. About 1,500 guests from 76 countries and regions aggregated in Wuzhen to discuss the future of the Internet and experienced the bourgeoning intelligent technologies including face recognition and touch interaction. 

    At the conference, the future office eco-system built by MAXHUB high-efficiency conference platform of CVTE attracted wide attention and garnered recognition and appreciation from many.

    MAXHUB High-Efficiency Conference Platform has long been dedicated to improving the efficiency of enterprises’ meetings and empowering meetings with ceaseless technological innovation.

    The new-generation MAXHUB X3 conference panel integrates intelligent writing, multi-screen interaction, remote collaboration, and artificial intelligence to thoroughly improve modern office work experience. Users can change and make comments on presentations anytime and instantly save the relevant content by code scanning. This is helpful for meeting participants to come up with creative ideas and improve meeting efficiency.

    For office collaboration, MAXHUB X3 conference panel splits the screens of four devices and offers a transmission speed of only 0.09 seconds* besides supporting free connection between computers, panels, and mobile phones. At the same time, its remote conference function can automatically detect the network conditions and dynamically adjust the conference quality. Even when the bandwidth is low, it can save more image details so that the meeting runs smoothly.

    It is justifiable to say that MAXHUB X3 conference panel has broken away from the shackles of cables while integrating the whiteboard function of the traditional conference. With AI technologies like face recognition, MAXHUB will help make the office work easier and more efficient.

    On-site Experience of Futuristic Technologies: Identify Your Workplace Keyword

    To allow more people to directly experience how convenient face recognition is, MAXHUB arranged an interaction session at the booth to “identify” participants’ future workplace keywords using face recognition.

    When a guest stood in front of a MAXHUB HD big screen, the screen automatically recognized the face and popped up witty and amusing keywords like “sudden pay rise” and “a laugh for high efficiency”.

    The instant face recognition of MAXHUB also stunned the guests with its high speed. When future conference rooms are equipped with this futuristic technology, functions including face sign-in and face recognition will come true, greatly improve conference management efficiency and help enterprises increase operational efficiency.

    The venue was crowded with eye-opening new technologies. These futuristic technologies could not have been possible without enterprises’ attention and input into technological research and development.

    As early as 2014, CVTE founded CVTE Central Research Institute, its own scientific and technological innovation research institute, which is concentrated on the basic research in visual computing, speech recognition, and natural language processing. Based on the industry experience and technical advantages of CVTE in enterprise service, education, and industrial automation, CVTE Central Research Institute cooperates with business departments to industrialize technological achievements and create value.

    The future has come. CVTE will remain innovative and progressive, continue increasing its investment into research and development and help with the application of new technologies in scenarios like conferences, classrooms, and factories to make people’s work and lifestyle more intelligent and more efficient.

    *Source: MAXHUB official website