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    The 2018 seewo Public Welfare Campaign - Teacher Growth Program Implemented in Zhenxiong County, Yunnan Province


    Since last month, when seewo, an education technology brand under CVTE, launched the 2018 seewo Public Welfare Campaign (the “Campaign”), it has carried out public welfare activities in Inner Mongolia, Yunnan and other provinces.

          Seewo’s team went to Liugou Primary School, Guozhu Town, Zhenxiong County, Yunnan Province, and brought with them advanced teaching equipment. In collaboration with outstanding teachers from all over China, seewo helped the local teachers grow professionally. Kunming Educational Television reported seewo’s activities.  

    The 2018 seewo Public Welfare Campaign Implemented at Liugou Primary School

    (A report from Kunming Educational Television) A few days ago, seewo Public Welfare Campaign team arrived at Liugou Primary School, Guozhu Town, Zhenxiong County, Yunnan Province, and donated over RMB 100,000 worth of informational equipment. In addition to improving the infrastructure facilities of the school, seewo also invited noted teachers around China to provide training, and to discuss and exchange views about demonstration classes, to enlighten the local teachers with new teaching concepts, and introduce them into the world of information-based teaching. This was also an attempt to provide better educational environment for the local children, to show them the advantages of information-based teaching, and to promote the balance between urban and rural education.     

    Liugou Primary School is located at Liugou Group, Yudong Village, Guozhu Town, Zhenxiong County, and is a rural complete primary school surround by mountains. It has 9 teachers, 6 classes, and 150 students who are mostly from the 8 natural village groups nearby. At present, the school is faced with shortage of teachers, lack of teaching proficiency, and significant disadvantage compared with the local central primary school in terms of infrastructure facilities. Learning about the difficulties of Liugou Primary School, seewo contacted with the Education Bureau of Zhenxiong County, which supported the Campaign, and sent love and light to the school. 

    It was very cold on the day of the donation, but everyone present was excited. Seewo donated informational teaching equipment including 6 sets of intelligent interactive flat panel and 9 laptops, as well as modern teaching equipment including push-pull blackboards and sport equipment. The Education Bureau of Zhenxiong County spoke highly of the philanthropic activities of seewo, and expected Liugou Primary School to take the opportunity to forge ahead pragmatically and innovatively, strengthen education and management, improve teaching approaches, and return the Campaign and the society with excellent performance. More than 20 young backbone teachers of Guozhu Town also joined seewo and witnessed the touching moments of the donation.      


    Afterwards, Hu Ying, a teacher from Zhicai Primaray School, Wuzhen Town, Zhejiang Province, and a volunteer teacher of the Campaign, made a speech on the “Construction of High-Quality Smart Campus”, and from the perspective of subject-specific pedagogy, shared her experience of using information-based equipment in teaching with teachers present, and introduced advanced teaching concepts to the local teachers.  

    Hu Ying, a teacher from Zhicai Primary Schoo, Wuzhen Town, Zhejiang Province, and a Volunteer of the Campaign: “I wish that every child has equal access to education. As a teacher, that is my biggest wish. I won’t stay here long, but I can do what I can, and share what I know with teachers here, especially after I learnt that they are still adopting traditional teaching approaches. I think that affects the effect and interest of learning of children. So I want to introduce informational teaching to the classrooms here, to make classes interactive and fun, and engage students in enthusiastic participation. I think this will help open the children to a new world, offer better education to them, and pave the way for a bright future for them.”


    To make sure that Liugou Primary School teachers learn how to use informational teaching equipment more proficiently in a short time, teachers of seewo Educational Research Institute also provided professional training on the usage, and one-to-one consultation to answer any questions raised by local teachers. During the training, Liugou Primary School teachers participated actively and learnt attentively. 

    Tang Rong, a Teacher from Liugou Primary School: “I found the equipment helpful for teachers to achieve the effect they want. First, it enables teachers to prepare lessons easily. It can achieve the effect teachers want, for example, animation, and any games we want to set in it. Second, it changes the traditional class in which teacher is always talking and students listening. Now teachers can set teaching activities, and render class flexible, and make students play the lead, and lead students in exploring the unknown. In the past, teachers were supposed to keep talking and students listening, and teachers had no idea how much students had taken in. I hope that we teachers here will make the best of the advanced teaching equipment and advantageous teaching resources, to fully tap the potentials of our students, so that they will not feel dwarfed after going out or fear that they are not as good as their peers in other schools. I want to make good use of the resources to help them grow into the best.”

    Hu Tingyu, President of seeo Educational Research Institute: “The real purpose and value of this campaign is to open a window for the local teachers and children, and unveil before them the changes in the educational environment in the context of Network +. I think if I can make it one day, I will bring hope to all the teachers and students of the school, which is why I am here. I think this will benefit more children, help more teachers grow professionally, and even build an excellent school.”

    The reporter learnt that the Campaign was first launched in 2016, and has been implemented for a consecutive 3 years. From equipment and material donation to present day’s combination of equipment donation and education support, the Campaign has already sent a lot of advanced teaching equipment to a large number of schools in remote regions. This years, the Campaign is expected to invest RMB 400,000 in Yunnan Province, and make donations to 3 schools in Qujing, Zhaotong, and Nujiang. In addition, the Campaign has sent a message of love to 27 other provinces across China, and has helped more than 100 remote rural schools improve informational teaching, enhance rural teachers’ competence in information-based teaching, and enable more children to access quality education.   

    Sources of Image and Text: Kunming Educational Television