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    CVTE’s Public Welfare Campaign is in Full Swing: “Growth Mentors” Travel across China to Help Rural Teachers Grow Professionally


    The 2018 seewo Public Welfare Campaign – Teacher Growth Program (the “Program”) launched by seewo, an education technology brand under CVTE, is under way. After a month of application and screening, seevo released the growth mentor list a few days ago. A number of growth mentors have already started the “Teacher Growth Program” training.     

    “Growth Mentor Support” is a part of the Program. Seewo organized a greater number of experienced frontline teachers in joining the Program, and together with seewo lecturers, visiting rural schools to provide training on the use of information technology equipment and to discuss and exchange views about demonstration classes. Soon after the recruitment of “Growth Mentors” was launched, it had received enthusiastic responses from many teachers. Finally, about 300 teachers enrolled in the program. 

    “I was interested in seewo’s recruitment of Growth Mentors last year. It is a pity that I was still learning about informational teaching, and failed to enroll in the program. In the past year, I got myself fully prepared. I’m looking forward to working with seewo’s team to do something for rural teachers and students,” said Mr. Liu, a teacher who applied as soon as he read the recruitment notice, and passed the examination this year. Now he is ready to head for a rural school. 

    Thanks to the support of those frontline teachers, seewo has implemented the public welfare program for successive 3 years. From the donation of equipment and materials, to the combination of “equipment donation + education support”, more and more frontline teachers have participated in seewo’s program. They are devoted to education, and are motivated by love and hope. Their stay at the rural schools has left their new teaching concepts and approaches. Seewo has become more and more certain that rural children want computers and books, but more important, good teachers, and that they will be able to access sustainable, quality education only when their teachers change the teaching concepts and grow professionally themselves.     

    To that end, seewo stepped up efforts this year. First, it increased investment in the public welfare fund, expanded the scope of public welfare donations, and increased the number of schools that receive the aid to more than 100. Second, it mobilized seewo’s model schools, and established a pairing mechanism in which an urban school is designated to assist a rural school. Third, it carried out regional training, and upgraded the old “point-to-point” form of assistance to the current “point-to-area, area-to-area” form to benefit more rural teachers and students. Fourth, through the organization of public welfare contests, the development of seewo College online public welfare courses, and other methods, seewo has gradually built a long-term growth and development mechanism for rural teachers. Seewo hopes to pool the wisdom of outstanding teachers in China, to support the change of teaching concepts of rural teachers and the continuous improvement of their competence, and to help them grow into towering trees, so that they may shelter the bright future of rural children.

    In the next few days, “Growth Mentors” of the Program will head out for rural schools across China one after another. They will keep in mind their mission, and the good wishes and expectations of the other teachers, when embarking on the journey. They will provide training on teaching methods for the rural teachers and enlighten them with new teaching ideas, and will also bring love and hope to rural children.