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    CVTE MAXHUB Exhibited at InfoComm India 2018


    From September 18 to 20, InfoComm India was held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre. MAXHUB, an efficient conference platform under CVTE, exhibited at the tradeshow, during which MAXHUB X3 Conference Flat Panel and intelligent office work solutions had drawn many visitors. 

    This reporter learnt that InfoComm India is committed to building a bond between system suppliers around the world and system integrators and end users in the Indian subcontinent, establishing mutually beneficial alliances and partnerships, and cultivating skills that are conducive to the market growth. Today, InfoComm India has evolved into the leading professional audiovisual and information communication technology tradeshow in India[1].

    On March 28, 2017, CVTE, which is committed to “inspiring high efficiency”, launched a global rollout of MAXHUB, an independently developed conference solution and an efficient conference platform, at China National Convention Center. On July 9, 2018, MAXHUB X3 series were unveiled in Guangzhou, China. MAXHUB incorporates intelligent conference flat panel and the peripheral products, as well as 4 solutions to improving efficiency of traditional conferences, remote conferences, small and medium-sized meeting rooms, and large meeting rooms. MAXHUB is compatible with a variety of third-party software and hardware, provides personalized customization adapted to various industries, and helps improve communication and collaboration in teamwork. MAXHUB’s debut at InfoComm India is an import opportunity for the brand to expand into the Indian market. 

    At the tradeshow, MAXHUB X3 Conference Flat Panel and intelligent office work solutions caught a lot of attention. Users spoke highly of MAXHUB’s intelligent office work solutions, which go beyond a single product and solution, and bring scenario-wide applications and solutions. The solutions have not only brought fundamental changes to the traditional meeting rooms, but have also provided new solutions and application approaches for the whole industry.  

    Unfold Scenario-Wide “Light Office” Era in Collaboration with Partners

    MAXHUB upholds opening-up, sharing and win-win cooperation. Working with its partners, MAXHUB centers on “efficient meeting” and “smart office” and integrate the functions, to jointly develop extensive intelligent office work scenes and industry solutions, and provide powerful support for the establishment of scenario-wide “light office” model in enterprises. 

    For “efficient meeting”, MAXHUB integrates the peripheral hardware and module components of conference room, such as high-definition cameras and pickup microphones, and builds a complete set of high-performance conference systems and provides integrated conference room hardware solutions in collaboration with partners. 

    The rapid development of intelligent technology has subtly changed the daily routines of office work. The future "light office" will bring together more cross-sector connections and intelligent applications. MAXHUB will integrate advantageous resources of many channels in an open and inclusive manner, provide smart “light office” conference experience for global enterprises via richer and more efficient forms of interaction, and gradually build a modern scenario-wide “light office” ecosystem.

    CVTE Started Overseas Expansion in the Context of Rapid Economic Growth

    MAXHUB’s exhibit at InfoComm India 2018 marks CVTE’s intention to expand into the Indian market which has been growing fast. Today, India has been transforming into a digital country on a global scale. China and India are both the BRICS members, so they share a solid foundation for the extensive cooperation between them, and realistic and strategic needs for promoting the common growth. Therefore, there are many opportunities for business cooperation between China and India. 

    Earlier in 2012 or so, CVTE had already introduced its products into India. After a subsidiary was set up in India in January this year, CVTE is in a better position to supply the local TV manufacturers with TV LCD main control board and customized solutions. Thanks to excellent local support, an increasing number of Indian TV manufacturers have become CVTE’s customers, and CVTE has achieved remarkable business growth in India. 

    This year, CVTE MAXHUB took the opportunity of the exhibit at InfoComm India 2018 to expand into the Indian market. MAXHUB will center on the conference flat panel, integrate conference scenario-wide display terminals, wireless connection terminals and supporting software service, incorporate the 3 major functions of writing experience improvement, wireless multi-screen display and effective remote collaboration, to create values in overseas enterprises services, intelligent manufacturing, smart finance, and other fields. 

    CVTE will keep exploring cutting-edge, innovative technologies, and strive to introduce MAXHUB into 100 million meeting rooms [2] around the world, to provide users with enhanced intelligent “office work” experience, and step up organizational efficiency improvement and digitalization. Meanwhile, CVTE will map out more forward-looking international strategic layout, and head for an imaginative future. 

    [1] Quote from the official website of InfoComm India 2018.

    [2] The data is from the national conference room statistics of All View Cloud.