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    CVTE MAXHUB Cloud Conferencing Partnered with Circle Harmony Health to Work Out New Remote Diagnosis Solutions


    Circle Harmony Health is a medical institution founded by Circle Health, a healthcare company based in Britain, and Shanghai, China. On the strength of an extensive network of professional clinical medical resources from different regions and different disciplines around the world, Circle Harmony Health is committed to providing customers with comprehensive healthcare services.

    In an effort to improve the high-end healthcare service and experience, Circle Harmony Health partnered with MAXHUB, an efficient conference platform under CVTE, to apply MAXHUB’s innovative applications of data visualization and intelligent interaction to creating a telehealth service platform and achieving efficient resource integration.  

    In the traditional practice of collaborative diagnosis, hospital specialists have to travel a lot, which is time-consuming and tiring, and also increases the cost of consultation and impedes the timeliness of diagnosis. Therefore, Circle Harmony Health, in its pursuit of innovation, has to figure out how to effectively integrate the resources of famous physicians and specialists and promote the interaction between specialists in different disciplines.

    Following a comprehensive assessment, Circle Harmony Health chose to work with MAXHUB, and hoped that MAXHUB’s intelligent interaction feature and stable, premium audio and video system will help it integrate medical resources quickly, and achieve precise treatment on the basis of interdisciplinary group consultation and real-time multidisciplinary diagnosis. At present, every clinic of Circle Harmony Health is equipped with MAXHUB’s efficient conference platform.  

    Clearer Presentation of Diagnostic Results

    It is critical for patients to have a clear understanding of the state of their illness. However, usually, when a patient sees a doctor, they would learn about the cause of disease and treatment approach from the dialogue with the doctor. As words are not as vivid as clear images, a lot of patients remain confused after talking to their doctors.  

    At Circle Harmony Health, doctors can use MAXHUB Conference Flat Panel to show patients the relevant medical data and 3D models, and also rotate and magnify the models through intelligent interaction. This helps patients achieve a better understanding of the state of their illness, and facilitates precise treatment. 


    In addition, on the occasion of a video conference, doctors just need to prepare patient information in advance, and then show the diagnostic results on the MAXHUB display screen for analysis and comparison. They don’t need to forward the medical records any longer. At the end of the meeting, the participants can also use their mobile phones to scan the QR code to download and save the diagnostic records, which can save a lot of time for assistant doctors.  

    More Convenient Online Group Consultation of Specialists 

    For special patients that need group consultation of doctors, Circle Harmony Health can use MAXHUB Conference Flat Panel to hold video conferences with Chinese and international specialists from the relevant departments, and share with them the medical records, test results, medical images, and other resources in real time. MAXHUB also enables the participants from various places to make comments and keep records jointly, so as to work out more professional diagnosis and treatment solutions.         

    In addition, through MAXHUB’s cloud conferencing, doctors and specialists can participate in remote training and academic exchanges. This long-distance “face to face” communication has changed the traditional way of working and has made communication more effective and free. 

    Reduce IT Operation and Maintenance Workload

    MAXHUB’s steady and reliable software and hardware technologies can help Circle Harmony Health manage and maintain the remote medical service platform easily. Instead of professional training, the IT department just needs to conduct simple deployment, and then doctors and specialists can use the conference flat panel, cloud conferencing and other products. Meanwhile, with steady functions, MAXHUB can reduce a lot of workload of the IT department in system operation and maintenance, and free it from repeated and complex tasks. 

    The partnership with MAXHUB has enabled Circle Harmony Health to establish the remote group consultation workflow, which has greatly simplified the work process, improved the efficiency, and provided patients with high-end medical services.        

    CVTE will join hands with more businesses from more industries to introduce MAXHUB’s efficient conference platform to more occasions. CVTE believes that advanced technologies will improve the efficiency of office work and will help more businesses and organizations improve efficiency remarkably.