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    The 2018 CVTE seewo Public Welfare Campaign Kicked off and Led to Amazing Teacher Growth


    A few days ago, seewo, an education technology brand under CVTE, unfolded the “Growth Mentor” recruitment campaign, and launched the 2018 seewo Public Welfare Campaign – Teacher Growth Program (the “Program”).     

    This year, seewo will continue incorporating “equipment donation” and “education support”. In addition to donating intelligent interactive flat panel and other informational teaching equipment, and helping improve the infrastructure of rural schools, seewo will also send there “growth mentors”, who will assist the rural teachers in opening their mind and improving their competence, and will build a team of excellent teachers for rural schools. As the Chinese saying goes, it is more important to teach a man how to fish than giving a man a fish. 

    Amazing Teacher Growth

    To bring fundamental changes in teaching of the rural schools, seewo drew on the experience gained from the earlier campaigns during the implementation of the 2017 seewo Public Welfare Campaign. In addition to donating intelligent interactive flat panel and other informational teaching equipment, seewo joined hands with a group of experienced frontline teachers, to provide a complete set of teacher training courses and mentor assistance program for the rural schools covered by the 2017 campaign. seewo hoped that it would help rural teachers grow professionally, so that they may kindle hope in the hearts of rural children. More than 1,500 rural teachers and 15,000 students benefited from the Program. The "teacher to teacher" assistance model also facilitated the remarkable progress of teachers. 

    “At the end of the training program, MS. Tian, an aged rural teacher, held me tightly in her arms before we left. She thanked me again and again, for not looking down upon her, and for teaching her patiently how to use the new media and information-based equipment in teaching. She assured me that she already knew how to make courseware. She was in tears.” Bai Xiaohua, a growth mentor at the Zhalantun Farm Central Primary School, Hulunbuir, noted down the touching moments.  

    “I was amazed to see my students respond actively to the new teaching approach, and answer questions eagerly. In the past, when I asked a question, the classroom fell into deep silence,” said Li Yuan excitedly, a teacher at Pucheng Dangbei Central Primary School, which was covered by the Program. Drawing on their experience and working with love, growth mentors instilled into rural education new ideas and new teaching methods, and more importantly, they sparked hope in the hearts of rural teachers that desired to grow professionally and empowered them, and also built a team of excellent rural teachers for the rural children. 

    Combination of “Equipment Donation + Education Support”

    Through the implementation of the Program, seewo is certain that rural children want computers and books, but more important, good teachers, and that they will be able to access sustainable, quality education only when their teachers change the teaching concepts and grow professionally themselves.     

    To enable more rural teachers and students to benefit from the changes brought by information-based teaching and new teaching concepts, seewo stepped up efforts to launch the 2018 Public Welfare Campaign. First, it increased investment in the public welfare fund, expanded the scope of public welfare donations, and increased the number of schools that receive the aid to more than 100. Second, it mobilized seewo’s model schools, and established a pairing mechanism in which an urban school is designated to assist a rural school. Third, it carried out regional training, and upgraded the old “point-to-point” form of assistance to the current “point-to-area, area-to-area” form to benefit more rural teachers and students. Fourth, through the organization of public welfare contests, the development of seewo College online public welfare courses, and other methods, seewo has gradually built a long-term growth and development mechanism for rural teachers.

    The 2018 “Growth Mentor” recruitment campaign drew a lot of teachers who had rich experience in information-based teaching and applied enthusiastically. “I was interested in seewo’s recruitment of Growth Mentors last year. It is a pity that I was still learning about informational teaching, and failed to enroll in the program. In the past year, I got myself fully prepared. I’m looking forward to working with seewo’s team to do something for rural teachers and students,” said Mr. Liu, a teacher who applied as soon as he read the recruitment notice. During the implementation of the Program, seewo will account for the travel expenses of all the “Growth Mentors”, and made proper arrangement for the education support itinerary, so that the participants will be able to concentrate on the public welfare campaign and will not be distracted by other concerns. 

    Educator Jaspers remarked, “Education is a tree shaking a tree, a cloud pushing a cloud, a soul awakening another soul.” CVTE believes that the same is true of education for public welfare program. While the donated informational teaching equipment will help improve the education environment for the rural teachers and students, the education support of the “Growth Mentors” will plant in the hearts of the rural teachers a seed, which will sprout up, blossom, and bear fruit. And more seeds will be sowed and scattered across the country, to light up hope for more and more rural teachers and students.