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    CVTE XICCO Smart Ward Introduced into the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University


    On August 28, 2018, the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University (the “Hospital”) held the inauguration ceremony for the Clinical Teaching Building. This reporter learnt that the Hospital was founded in 1957, and is the largest and only independent legal entity and municipal Grade 3 comprehensive public hospital in eastern Guangzhou. 

    As soon as the Clinical Teaching Building of the Hospital was inaugurated, CVTE XICOO took the lead in introducing the Integrated Smart Ward Solution (the “Solution”) to the comprehensive ward of the new building, in the hope that it would facilitate overall improvement of information technology application in inpatient wards.    

    At the end of the inauguration ceremony, Dean Zhou led the leadership team of the hospital and the guests in a visit to the clinical application of the Solution. He spoke highly of the outstanding effect of the Solution in increasing the quality and efficiency of medical care, and improving patients’ experience. It is evident that the Solution will be a highlight of the Hospital’s inpatient ward informatization initiatives. 


    XICOO Integrated Smart Ward Solution

    Based on an in-depth understanding of the scene of medical nursing, the Solution is connected to HIS and many other information systems of the Hospital, and is deeply integrated with inpatient nurse station, bedside electronic card, ward call system, and other information. On the multiple intelligent interactive screens in a ward, the related information of the ward, the sickroom and the patient is updated synchronously, and interconnection and intercommunication are achieved to eliminate information isolated island in a ward. By developing the Solution, XICOO has realized digital management of inpatient care, and has made the workplace convenient and efficient for nursing staff.

    Photo of a Comprehensive Ward at the Hospital, which is Equipped with XICCO Intelligent Interactive Bedside Screen

    Two large high-definition intelligent interactive screens are placed at the nurse station to help nursing staff quickly and dynamically understand the overall condition of the ward and other nursing services, so that they may optimize the work process timely, improve the efficiency and quality of nursing, and strengthen the bond between nursing staff and patients. 

    Photo of the Nurse Station of the Comprehensive Ward at the Hospital, which is Equipped with two Intelligent Care Interactive Screens

    Based on the interconnection among multiple intelligent care interactive screens and intelligent terminals, XICCO provides inpatients with a stable and reliable call system, personalized patient education service, and convenient information inquiry into physical data, medical orders, fees, and other information. Thereby it has refined the nursing services and further improved patient experience.

    Photo of Intelligent Interactive Bedside Screen at Comprehensive Ward of the Hospital

    In the process of the construction of smart ward, XICCO has not only paid careful attention to the needs of healthcare professionals and patients, but has also taken into consideration the current status of informatization of the Hospital. Based on the intelligent system of smart ward, XICCO has provided a series of customized services to the Hospital, and has also reserved an interface to facilitate function and equipment expansion of the Hospital in the later stage, and thus help make the informatization of the Hospital sustainable.

    Photo of Intelligent Interactive Door Screen and Intelligent Passage Screen at the Comprehensive Ward of the Hospital

    CVTE hopes that the Solution will be introduced into more hospitals to help them gradually enhance effective connection among the various scenes in a ward, optimize the nursing process in each step, refine medical care, improve the efficiency of medical care, and promote the application of information technology to medical care.