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    CVTE Rated as National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise


    Recently, the National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC issued a list of National Intellectual Property Demonstration and Advantageous Enterprises in 2018. CVTE has been affirmed to be a National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise. Shirui Technology, its subsidiary, has also become one of the National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprises. In appraisal of National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises of 2018, there were 234 enterprises from around China, including 27 from Guangdong Province, and only 3 from Guangzhou City were chosen, CVTE being one of them.

     “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises” is a national appraisal by the National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC and aims to select benchmarking demonstration enterprises that develop in creation, application, protection and management of intellectual property rights and have industrial influence. The honor is a substantial national approval for enterprises’ intellectual property management.    


    Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronic Technology Company (CVTE) was established in 2005. It is a provider of intelligent interaction solutions that centers on display and control techniques and dedicates itself to improving the experience of more diverse and more efficient information communication of electronic products. The company has two independent brands: seewo, a provider of application tools of education informationization, and MAXHUB, the first efficient conference platform in the industry.


    Since its establishment, CVTE has achieved unrivaled performance in the field of intellectual property by regarding technical innovation as its foundation, raising input into technical R&D year over year and persistently implementing the strategy of giving priority to intellectual property. In 2016 and 2017, the annual number of patent application of CVTE was higher than any other Guangzhou local enterprise, which won its honors including “The First Guangzhou Enterprise with More than 1,000 Patents a Year” and “Guangzhou Mayor Award for Intellectual Property”.  


    As a hi-tech listed company, CVTE is in a technology-intensive industry marked by high barrier of intellectual property. Meanwhile, in a market environment with fast update of product and technology, an enterprise has to improve their competitiveness with innovation. The systematic and scientific management of intellectual property is strategically significance to an enterprise’s sustainable development as it can exert the guidance of patents, effectively evade innovation risks, lower innovation cost, optimize innovation route and increase innovation efficiency.  


    To generate higher business value, CVTE continues exploring and building its characteristic intellectual property management pattern from a global perspective and on the basis of the features and the competitive environment of its industry. In particular, the specific work centers on four major aspects comprising competitiveness management, risk management, assets management and strategy guidance, and has transformed intellectual property into productivity and harvested bountiful fruits for enterprises by realizing organic integration of intellectual property, technical R&D, product manufacturing and marketing.


    The success of CVTE in obtaining the honor of “National Property Demonstration” is a result of continuous efforts in intellectual property and increase of input into it, and a national accreditation for CVTE’s capability of intellectual property management pattern, operation protection and risk control. In the future, CVTE will continue strengthening its creation, application and management of intellectual property, creating every condition for technical innovation and supplying inexhaustible impetus to development.