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    CVTE launched its new products in the MAXHUB X3 series


    On 9th July, the new product release themed on “Boundary-free cooperation, more freedom” was held by the MAXHUB high efficiency meeting platform of CVTE in Guangzhou. The new generation of MAXHUB X3 conference panel, cloud meetings, integrated LED display terminals, screen-mirroring boxes, and other new products were released for the first time and they have attracted a lot of attention.


    From global giants to startups, from traditional big manufacturing companies to high-tech corporations, more and more users who are committed to continuously improving corporate operating efficiency have chosen MAXHUB products as their standard equipment for meeting rooms. Whether it is smart banking services, or smart party-building platforms, or smart medical industries, etc., MAXHUB is walking into more practical scenarios than before. However, the goal of MAXHUB is to become not only a highly efficient tool, but also one of the important portals to one-stop mobile offices in the future.

    Debut of MAXHUB X3 conference panel

    The start of “light offices” trend

    MAXHUB X3 conference panel, the brand-new generation of high-efficiency corporate office equipment is equipped with functions such as writing, displaying, and being interactive, which are needed in conference scenarios, while maintaining the good qualities of its previous generation. It has brought in “light office”, a more efficient and interactive way of working.


    A simple and clean design, 88.9% high screen-to-body ratio

    The MAXHUB X3 conference panel has a narrow rim and a perfect metal frame. The thinnest part of the body is only 19 mm, presenting an elegant and mature visual effect.

    At the same time, the screen-to-body ratio of the flagship version is as high as 88.9% and the version has a 4K screen, which is huge and can display more details in high resolution with a fine image quality.

    Innovate smart technology, create infinite ideas

    MAXHUB X3 conference panel adopts the capacitive and electromagnetic dual touch, a leading technology in the industry. It has a super fast speed of response, and a 1024 pressure level, allowing users to control the font weight and the flowing of the stroke and to have a writing experience as similar as it is on papers, and also meeting the writing demands of high efficiency during meetings.


    In addition, the editor’s note function available in all interfaces and the unique page comment function of PPT make it possible to record every inspiration of the moment.

    Multi touch enables instant interactivity, sharing will not be limited by wires

    MAXHUB X3 conference panel supports free connection and screen mirroring among terminals of computers, tablets, and mobile phones. With a light click*, undamaged videos, images and other files will be displayed in 0.09 seconds*, and it can support display on as many as four separate screens.


    With wireless screen mirroring function, users may operate computers in an opposite direction on the conference panel and enable two-way flexible interactivity.

    Work together remotely with big screens, initiate boundary-free office work

    MAXHUB X3 conference panel is using the cloud meeting system developed by the company itself for the first time. A meeting can be launched with one click. Participants can join the meeting easily through conference panel, computers, mobile phones or tablets.


    Through the remote screen sharing, long-distance screen mirroring and real-time writing of cloud meeting, participants are able to view the same images and shared content clearly at the same time, as if they were working face-to-face in the same meeting room. This will help companies reduce their costs on business trips, effectively eliminate differences in time and space, and allow them to have remote meetings easily whenever and wherever.

    AI improves work efficiency and office management

    Centered on conference panel, MAXHUB will build a light office model that is widely interconnected. It will help companies build a staff account system and storage, and realize multi terminal sharing of resources through cloud services.


    At the same time, MAXHUB X3 conference panel is able to tell identities and access limits, and operate sign in through AI facial recognition technology, which helps the company to build a more efficient and safer smart system of office management.

    An integrated LED display terminal + a screen-mirroring box

    An innovative upgrade for conference models

    With special regard to the writing and displaying problems in big scenarios, MAXHUB has brought in a brand new product that is especially designed for big occasions, i.e., MAXHUB integrated LED display terminal. This terminal adopts seamless splicing technology and has a view as wide as 160°, giving you a visual experience as if you were in an IMAX theater.


    In addition, MAXHUB has also launched a wireless screen-mirroring plan. No matter what traditional meeting rooms are you in, all you need to do is to connect MAXHUB screen-mirroring box with a projector and then use them as a MAXHUB conference panel. You will be able to present and share easily and conveniently, bringing meetings to the “wireless era”.


    MAXHUB “X+” plan

    Build up the whole scene of a “light office”

    Except for launching new products, MAXHUB also held a signing ceremony with Ding Talk, Logitech, and Quantum University, the latest partners of “X+” plan in the release conference in order to build a highly efficient and smart office style together.


    It is worth expecting that MAXHUB will continue to promote a deepened integration among brands, markets, users and products with “X+” partners, and expand areas for partnership in terms of conferencing, offices, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), AI, and so on. It will provide solutions for more industries under different scenarios, and gradually build a full-scale ecology for “light offices” in modern companies.


    A boundary-free platform for cooperation

    Build up a one-stop office center of the future

    As mobilization, internetization, and cloud services have become high-frequency expressions in corporate markets, revolutions in conferencing models brought by science and technology are on their way. MAXHUB will also transform from single hardware products to a high-efficiency conference “platform” that combines software and hardware. MAXHUB will complete its strategy regarding conferencing products on a full scale step by step, and provide an integrated experience of presentation, interactivity and connectivity for its corporate customers.


    In the future, MAXHUB will not only be a highly efficient tool for connection, but also be a center that connects all companies. It will serve as a high-frequency portal to assist office work, connect closely with the people and business within the company, and become one of the most important portals for one-stop mobile offices in the future.

    Every step of MAXHUB’s fast development would not exist without the consistent hard work and contribution of each person who has been working on it. On 28th March 2017, we welcomed the arrival of the MAXHUB high-efficiency conference platform together at China National Convention Center. This marked the moment that CVTE has officially entered into the area of corporate servicing. Today, together we are here to witness the launch of MAXHUB X3 series. Dreams lead to future. Let us pay our tributes to pioneers of MAXHUB. 


    * 0.09 seconds screen mirroring pairing   Pairing is needed for first-time use of MAXHUB wireless screen mirroring device.

    * The results were obtained from the tests conducted by connecting an 11-inch MacBook Air 10.11 with a standard version of 55 inches with an image resolution of 1366 x 768 in the environment of a MAXHUB laboratory that is free of disruptions.