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    CVTE seewo – Exclusive Title Sponsor of the 73rd China Educational Equipment Exhibition


    December 26, 2017 witnessed the grand opening of the 73rd China Educational Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the “Exhibition”) at the Canton Fair Pazhou Complex. seewo, an educational brand of CVTE (stock code: 002841), was the exclusive title sponsor of the event.

    As a representative of educational equipment companies in China, CVTE seewo was invited to deliver an address at the opening ceremony. “seewo is honored to be the exclusive title sponsor of the Exhibition. Thanks to the support of users, seewo has already taken up nearly 40% of shares of the interactive smart panel market and has been the champion in the industry for a consecutive 6 years. Now it covers more than 800,000 classrooms and has over 1.53 million active users across China. I think the growth of seewo is an epitome of the systematic progress of educational informatization in China. In the future, seewo will not only provide users with ‘useful tools’, but will also direct attention to the application of those tools to provide ‘effective data’ and establish a comprehensive educational informatization platform that covers teaching and management,” said Huang Minghan, president of CVTE Future Education Group.

    The reporter learned that the Exhibition attracted users and dealers of educational equipment as well as over 1,300 educational equipment companies from all over China. At the Exhibition, seewo displayed interactive classroom, flipped classroom, two-teacher classroom and other smart education programs as well as a full range of educational informatization products from the smart educational to management such as seewo pigeon, interactive smart panel for pre-school education, touch recording host, seewo cloud class placard and so on. On the day of the opening ceremony, seewo’s 900m2 exhibition booth, the largest one at the exhibition, caught a lot of attention and was thronged with visitors that were interested in experiencing seewo’s products.

    Propose “Small Data in Teaching” for the first Time and Direct Attention to the Sustainable Development of Educational Informatization

    At the Exhibition, seewo focused on the theme of “discovering small data in education,” launched new product solutions and established a comprehensive educational informatization platform that covers teaching and management. From attention to action on teaching data, seewo has completed a vertical upgrade. Thus, seewo will not only provide “useful tools” to improve teaching effect, but will also provide objective data for teachers’ teaching improvement and school management optimization by means of “painless collection” and analysis of the data of individual teaching process - small data in teaching, to help teachers and school administrators make scientific decisions.

    When asked why seewo proposed the concept of “discovering small data in teaching” this time, the representative of seewo answered, “educational informatization has gradually passed the stage of ‘the availability of equipment’. Now the question is: Do teachers use the high-tech equipment after it is bought? How do they use it? What is the outcome? How to improve it? To answer these questions, we cannot simply rely on our personal feelings. Instead, we need objective data. For this reason, seewo is not satisfied with providing useful information-based teaching tools only, but also strives to provide objective, effective data to make teaching more personalized, management more refined and decision-making more scientific.”

    seewo’s attention to the deeper level of educational informatization aroused lively discussions at the Exhibition. “Administrators can refer to process data to conduct objective data comparisons in the process of teachers’ performance assessment and can combine process data and exam data. On the part of teachers, they are able to carry out teaching planning and personal improvement in a more efficient manner. In a word, it is of great value to the improvement of information-based teaching of the entire school.”

    New Product System Upgrade and the Establishment of a Comprehensive Platform that Covers Teaching and Management

    By releasing the new product system, seewo is no longer focused on classrooms only, but is extended to schools, school districts and other application scenarios of educational informatization and achieves a great leap from “product” to “platform”. Based on the interactive smart panel, seewo EasiNote 5, class optimization master, seewo pigeon, feedback device, mobile teaching device and other basic software and hardware products, seewo demonstrated the latest applications and practices in the field of smart education from the perspectives of smart classroom, smart campus and think tank school district.


    For the smart classroom module, seewo demonstrated comprehensive solutions that incorporate the three smart educational solutions - interactive classroom, flipped classroom and two-teacher classroom. seewo’s demonstration of smart campus covered intelligent grading, intelligent class placard, centralized control management, application decision, recording and classroom evaluation and other product solutions. In addition, seewo demonstrated its deployment in think tank school districts including teacher improvement training and information management of regional informatization.

    Expand Product Portfolio to Provide more “Useful Tools” for Teaching and Management

    To provide more professional audio products and services for the multimedia environment construction on campus, seewo announced the establishment of partnership with RUIFENG Tech., the leader in professional audio industry in China, on the day of the opening ceremony of the Exhibition. Accordingly, both parties will work closely in educational audio environment construction to create excellent audio-visual experiences in teaching and learning.

    It is notable that seewo unveiled seewo pigeons, touch recording host, seewo cloud class placard, interactive smart panel for pre-school education and other major products.

    seewo pigeon, one of the most laudable new products, caught a lot of attention. The reporter learned that earlier in the stage of closed beta testing, the product made significant contributions to Wuzhen Zhicai Primary School in Zhejiang Province, China. The school was nominated by the municipal leaders as an experimental unit for information-based teaching, thanks to the product it applied to the all-round, effective management of the school’s information-based teaching. A leader from the teaching affairs office of the school spoke highly of the product, “it offers a platform for us to learn about whether or not teachers use the product, how active it is and the condition of courseware uploading. Those data are very useful for our management. We are able to publish real-time rankings of the utilization of each product by the teachers and also different integrated reports. When teachers are informed that we are evaluating these data at the backstage and are using them as one of the references for incentives, they are motivated to use the products more actively. So we don’t have to input extra administrative efforts in that regard. I think the product is a very useful tool for management.”

    “seewo pigeon enables users to have a clear understanding of each and every integrated and detailed data including trends such as information-based teaching in schools, courseware management, teacher courseware ranking, courseware popularity ranking, the distribution of discipline and courseware in different grades, classroom evaluation management, normalization process evaluation and so on. seewo pigeon is a sophisticated product about school management and teaching data collection. A lot of schools that participated in the closed beta testing benefited from the outcome it brought to information-based teaching management. Hopefully, it will benefit more schools in the future,” said the seewo representative.

    As educational informatization progresses, users’ needs are changing constantly and their expectations of educational equipment companies will be higher. Therefore, an educational equipment company must deliver quality products and also cultivate deep knowhow in education. In spite of the ever-changing surroundings, CVTE seewo will always “put customers first” in product R&D and design. Meanwhile, seewo will keep innovating and upgrading its product portfolio in accordance with the changing needs of front-line users and also the progress of the industrial development, and will unswervingly produce useful, user-friendly and easy-to-use educational products.

    Although CVTE has been involved in smart education business for many years, it still has a long way to go in the future. CVTE will integrate stronger technical force, promote the solid progress of the in-depth integration of science & technology + education and the actual application, step up the deepening of educational reform and strive to make greater contributions to China’s modernization of educational informatization.