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    CVTEr interview | How to have Spring Festival with a new years spirit


    As Spring Festival's customs and etiquette gradually become simpler, online new-years wishes are replacing the customary visits to relatives and friends... We somehow lost this sense of excited anticipation of the Spring Festival that we had when we were little. What is this New Years spirit? Lets see how CVTErs around the country celebrate the Lunar New Year!

    Landmark: Inner Mongolia

    Bater Suhe was born and bred in Mongolia. He hopes to pass on the traditional Spring Festival customs to his children, so theyll have happy memories and a positive attitude toward these family reunions. He wants to pass on the important New Year rituals as well as respect for the elders.

    (Suhe holding a hada shawl wishing everyone a happy new year)

    (Suhe teaches his child to properly bow and offer a beverage to an elderly relative)

    Landmark: Guangdong Shaoguan

    Huang is a Hakka Chinese from Shaoguan. His region is home to the custom of paying respects to the local god" on the second day of the lunar new year. 30 years ago, when the lion dance props of the village were damaged, the lion dance custom fell into disrepair as well. However, the new generation set up a crowdfunding group on WeChat and bought a new lion costume to revive the traditional culture of the village. 

    As the New Year approached, the youth practiced under the guidance of the village elders to prepare for the lion dance performance. So this year, to the sound of firecrackers, the dancing lion went around the village once more, bringing the good-old new years spirit and the traditional folk heritage back into the heart of the community.

    (Youth playing gongs and drums to pay respect to the local god)

    (Hakka believe that the local god ensures peace and bumper harvests)

    Landmark: Yunnan

    Jie took his family on a trip to Yunnan over the Spring Festival. For him and his family, their customary New Year trips are all about bonding as a family and experience a different way of life somewhere around China. Blue sky and white clouds are a precious gift from nature, moving around and taking in a fresh world and appreciating its beauty is his familys new years tradition. 

    (Donning Yunnanese ethnic costumes during a very cultural Spring Festival trip)

    Landmark: Xinjiang

    For Caos family in Xinjiang, the significance of the Spring Festival is about family reunion. Everybody kneads dough and makes dumplings together. The fresh eight-treasure rice porridge is piping hot, the Xinjiang sauted spicy chicken is mouth-watering, and loved ones sit together sharing a wonderful meal and swap stories of the past year. Their smiles form the heart of the ritual of transition into the Spring Festival.

    (Celebrating the Spring Festival is all about reunion)

    Landmark: London and Orlando

    For people working far away from home, the Spring Festival brings the joy of going home. However, incidentally, this years Lunar New Year Festival coincided with the annual educational equipment trade shows in the UK and the US, important moments to grasp international market trends, develop and maintain partnerships, and ensure our products and services maintain their industry advantages.

    So, ten CVTErs working in the marketing, R&D, and product departments sacrificed their opportunities to meet with their loved ones and instead embarked on an eight-day business trip abroad. On Chinese New Year's Eve, these eight brothers had a new years dinner together. Far away from home, they still had a taste of New Year and home.

    (Joining trade shows abroad to stay abreast with international market trends)

    (Brothers in business sharing a taste of home on Chinese New Year's Eve)

    CVTE Landmark: CVTE Second Industrial Park

    On Chinese New Year's Eve, families gather together. When Uncle Cat heard that a co-worker whose relatives all live in Guangzhou was scheduled for duty at the company on New Years Eve, he volunteered to take the shift to ensure the water and power supply of the industrial park and respond to emergencies, should anything happen.

    (The CVTE lobby on Chinese New Year's Eve)

    He said matter-of-fact-ly: "Im the only person in Guangzhou, but also a strong young man. On Chinese New Year's Eve, I let someone else go home to their family. Its okay if I stay at the company this time." As outside thousands of families lit their fires, he photographed the company's peach tree in the lobby and silently prayed: May 2017 ignite our fire, our ambition, and turn our dreams into shining reality!