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    Explore a Win-win Future! QSTECH 2022 Nationwide Brand Tour Successfully Held in Zhengzhou


    On July 27, with the theme of “High Integration Leads Future Vision”, QSTECH 2022 Nationwide Brand Tour was successfully opened in Zhengzhou, and more than 400 industry experts and guests gathered in capital city of Henan province, to attend a well-prepared event to share information and exchange ideas.



    Gathered in Zhengzhou to explore future development

    Henan is located in the center of China and is one of the most important birthplaces of Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation. As the capital of Henan, Zhengzhou owns outstanding regional advantages, innovative resources and strong development potential.


    In order to further promote the industrial transformation and upgrading, stimulate the endogenous driving force of innovation, and develop high-end and intelligent manufacturing, Zhengzhou has studied and issued the "6 + 1 Implementation Opinions", which specifies the development goals, including 11 directions such as network security, intelligent transportation, virtual reality, intelligent sensing and artificial intelligence. At the same time, 15 supporting policies have been formulated to comprehensively improve the development level of Zhengzhou's software and information technology service industry.


    As a leading company aiming at providing professional solution provider with display technology as the core, QSTECH has grasped the development opportunities in Zhengzhou and surrounding areas based on keen market insight. In the future, QSTECH shall further explore the market with its partners with innovative products, professional solutions, high-quality services and support, so as to achieve win-win success.


    Themed Speeches promote communications  

    Chairman Fang Xian firstly delivered a speech to start the event. He welcomed and expressed thanks to attendant experts and partners, and looked forward to establishing long-term, in-depth and multi business cooperation with each partner, seizing policy opportunities and working together for win-win development.



    Li Yahong, Party Branch Secretary of Zhengzhou Public Security Association, gave congratulation and wishes for the event. Meanwhile, she indicated QSTECH’s technology advantages in the field of intelligent security and hoped to take this brand tour as an opportunity to promote the establishment of close communication and win-win cooperation between Zhengzhou Public Security Association and QSTECH



    Wei Xiaoyi, Director of QSTECH,told the story between CVTE and QSTECH. The two sides joined in hands and entered the LED display industry since 2018, and launched QSTECH as an independent brand by the end of 2021. So far, the gene of technological innovation is unchanged, and two sides will keep the principle of solving user problems and improving user experience.



    He Hui, VP of QSTECH, discussed the future development trend of the industry in his speech. He shared his views on business opportunities and market prospects arising from the impact of comprehensive factors such as display technology changes, development trends, changes in customer demand, and application needs. And he confirmed QSTECH will continue to create new space for the industry and win-win new values with business partners!



    Liang Zhiquan, QSTECH Product Director, shared the development and application of integration technology and analyzed the application needs and development opportunities in the industry in the future. He said QSTECH will keep increasing R & D investment so as to provide customers with more innovative products by satisfying needs and improving experience, creating bigger development space and value to partners.



    Lu Yao, Director of Products and Solutions Center in QSTECH, said that in the era of diversification, QSTECH will continue to pay attention to different application scenarios and constantly improve user experience. In the future, QSTECH aims to vertically expand more ecological partners in the industry by digging deeply into potential needs, thus to bring professional solutions with display technology as the core.



    Wang Ming, QSTECH Regional Sales Director, said that with the policy support and market needs, QSTECH is ready to face the challenges and opportunities. With a mature service system covering 29 domestic cities and more than 1600 service offices around China, QSTECH strives to build up a comprehensive partner system including sales, products and services.



    Finally, QSTECH professional service team shows up on the stage to express thanks to all the guests.



    Display products & solution exhibition highlights the event

    Besides communications inside the venue, product and solution exhibition area is in full flow, where guests can experience including outdoor Z Series, COB C27 Series, indoor H31 Series, newly launched H19 Series, X Wall Plus and self-developed controller, etc. within hands and get answers from QSTECH staff.