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    Congratulations!QSTECH Wins the “Selected Quality” Award of “Best of Year 2021-2022 Annual List of Information Audio-visual Industry”


    Recently, the “Best of Year 2021-2022 Annual List of Information Audio-visual Industry” award ceremony is held online, and various industry awards are officially announced.



    This award ceremony was jointly sponsored by IMAS Audiovisual Works, isle Industrial Research Institute and isle (International Smart Display & Integrated System Exhibition, Shenzhen / International Sign & LED Exhibition, Shenzhen). And Professional Committee of Audio & Video of Shenzhen Engineer Association, Professional Committee of Acousto-optic & Audiovisual of China Industrial Cooperation Association, and Professional Committee of Audio & Video Projects of China Audio-Video Association are joint support units.



    Innovative Product of the Year-“Selected Quality” Award

    In this year’s selection, QSTECH is recognized by the organizer and peers in the industry, and all-in-one LED display terminal Plus-COB Series wins the Innovative Product of the Year-“Selected Quality” Award.



    The COB Series of all-in-one LED display terminal Plus features high IP rating, easy clean, longer service life, high contrast, large viewing angle, high refresh rate and etc. With built-in industry-level system, this series can bring efficient interaction experience inside meeting rooms.


    Full-flip COB processing is applied to bring smooth screen surface with sealed components, anti-collision and impact resistance performance, waterproof, moisture-proof and antistatic ability. And screen surface is also processed through one-step moulding, providing area-light-like source and soft light emitting effect, lessen visual fatigue even after long-time watching.


    Innovative 3-in-1 design can save onsite space and bring stable performance by lowering fault rate. Aiming to create a stylish and elegant appearance, high sound transmittance, dust-proof and wear-resistant fabric cover is used to perfectly combine the beauty of fashion and technology.


    Behind each display product lays tons of time and work, and the award echoes QSTECH R&D endeavors and will encourage us to bring more display products and solution with display technology as the core for the market!

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