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    CVTE's brand MAXHUB 360° panoramic camera won the Red Dot Design Award! Small and beautiful too eye-catching


    Recently, MAXHUB's 360° panoramic camera stood out among many selected products with its unique aesthetic design and user experience, and won the 2022 German Red Dot Design Award, further demonstrating MAXHUB's benchmarking status in the field of collaborative office.

    As a global award in the field of industrial design, the German Red Dot Design Award, together with the German IF Award and the American IDEA Award, is known as the world's three major design awards, and is known as the vane of global industrial design and development trends. The award-winning MAXHUB 360° panoramic camera can meet the needs of cloud video conferences in different scenarios such as small and medium-sized conferences, personal office, education and training, etc. On top of providing users with a comfortable and smooth interactive experience, the breakthrough aesthetic design has been recognized by international authorities. Approved.

    As the most common communication method in the post-epidemic era, remote video conferencing has gradually attracted the attention of enterprises. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the traditional video conferencing system has clear and stable audio and video effects, but it is cumbersome to install, complicated to set up, highly professional, and expensive, and it is difficult to completely cover all conference rooms. The instant messaging tool is easy to operate and the meeting is arranged quickly. When it comes to cross-regional and cross-team collaboration, the sound quality and picture quality are difficult to meet the professional-level communication needs.

    The MAXHUB 360° panoramic camera integrates a camera, microphone and speaker, and is flexible in deployment. One device can allow participants to have a face-to-face, efficient and smooth remote conference experience, which perfectly solves the above problems.

    Under the premise of pursuing practicality, the MAXHUB 360° panoramic camera is based on a calm silver-gray color. The carefully adjusted square column shape conforms to the best curvature in geometry. The overall shape is dominated by straight lines, striving for simplicity and smoothness; With rounded corners, it can be easily controlled with one hand, and with a weight of only 128 grams, it can be used wherever you want, and you can start an ultra-clear video conference at any time to meet the needs of different conference scenarios.

    The conference room is an important part of the office space, and undertakes various functions such as contact, business negotiation, interview, image display, etc. Therefore, the MAXHUB R&D team specially selected the external material of corrosion-resistant and anti-fall aluminum alloy plus wrapping cloth. It not only breaks the cheap feeling of the plastic material of the camera in the past, but also can play the icing on the cake in formal business scenarios. It can be used with laptops, conference tablets and other equipment to create a professional and concise atmosphere.

    In addition, according to the research report, the visual interface can greatly reduce the user's anxiety and learning burden. Therefore, the MAXHUB 360° panoramic camera is specially equipped with light prompts on the top to avoid the laptop computer blocking the line of sight, and at the same time feedback the sound source localization status in real time, what you see is what you get, enabling an immersive conference experience.

    High-quality imaging effects are the foundation of cameras. Most traditional panoramic conference cameras use a single panoramic camera or dual panoramic camera solutions. The MAXHUB 360° panoramic camera integrates the ultra-clear images of four 5-megapixel ultra-wide-angle cameras for the first time, providing users with an all-round field of view and a clearer image experience; the built-in intelligent AI software ensures seamless image stitching without distortion, and the imaging is more accurate. Delicate and rich.

    After taking into account the difference between the height of the desktop in different conference rooms and the height of the participants, the MAXHUB 360° panoramic camera can be adjusted from different angles to meet different viewing needs, enhance the picture control ability, and achieve a wide field of view. And set up six viewing modes to meet the needs of different scenarios such as discussion, presentation, and panorama, and provide a high-quality conference experience.

    In terms of audio, the MAXHUB 360° panoramic camera uses high-sensitivity quad-array microphones and high-fidelity full-range speakers to ensure clear sound for two-way communication. The top-mounted omnidirectional microphone array supports the function of sound source localization, without missing a word, presenting the real human voice. Supports mainstream cloud video conferencing platforms such as Tencent Conference, DingTalk Conference, Feishu, Huawei Cloud Conference, Milein Conference, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc., to seamlessly upgrade the remote calling experience and improve conference efficiency.

    The MAXHUB 360° panoramic camera breaks the conventional meeting space, and truly enables video conferences anytime, anywhere. At the same time, it also fully takes care of users' aesthetics and preferences, bringing users the ultimate experience of collision between aesthetics and technology, which is also an important factor for the product to be widely recognized by users at home and abroad once it is launched. In the future, MAXHUB will also continue the craftsman spirit of excellence, promote product iteration with technological innovation, and bring users a more textured and refined product experience.