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    Blockbuster! QSTECH Debuts First Overseas Show in ISE 2022


    Today, the annual Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) exhibition opens in Barcelona, Spain. QSTECH's overseas team is ready to welcome visitors worldwide at booth 3A200, and excited to present experience of latest LED all-in-one display terminal, new-launched H19 and C27 series innovative products and solutions


    ISE is one of the most successful audiovisual and system integration exhibitions held in Europe and the world to date. It represents a high authority on audiovisual technology in the commercial field and is also an influential industry organization in the industry. As a senior member of ISE, QSTECH has kept bringing a long-lost visual feast for new and old customers each year!

      Ultra-wide LED Screen Opens Broad Horizon

    XWALL-PLUS/ XWALL-PLUS: Ultra-wide LED Wall

    QSTECH’s LED XWALL-Plus line redefines the LED display and aims to bring television-like convenience during operation. Without traditional tedious peripheral device, the product owns built-in lossless sound quality speaker, advanced video processing technology, and remote control function via mobile device, providing simple and comfortable interaction.


    The 32:9 ultra wide screen of the XWALL-PLUS: Ultra-wide LED Wall series greatly improves information sharing in the large conference hall. Full-screen display, two-widow display, centered display and various modes can help user switch scenes freely, bringing a smooth screen sharing experience. There is no need to worry about transportation difficulties due to the narrow indoor entrance. The 3-in-1 integrated design makes product cabinet to be ultra-slim and lightweight. The fully-front-access maintenance and installation can effectively save space and help to control large and medium-sized meeting rooms easily.


    Find Colorful World inside Intelligent Product

    H31 Series

    H31 series products will lead you into the colorful horizon with lifelike picture displaying on the screen and every frame of picture details get the ultimate embodiment. The high integrated hub bridge design enables product cabinet thinner and lighter as well as reduced radiation. The built-in dynamic energy-saving technology minimizes electricity cost, so that users can truly feel the experience of "ultimate convenience with QSTECH product& solution".


    High integration, leading the future

    H19 Series

    Before you met the H19, you probably couldn't imagine that LED screens could be so easy to use! At this years ISE, QSTECH presents you the new H19 series products empowered by multiple black technologies. On the basis of QSTECH 3-in-1 integration design, H19 series applies polymer alloy, that is, through physical blending, high-performance engineering materials and glass fiber are mixed, which can not only reduce cabinet weight, improve toughness and high temperature resistance, but also makes cabinet strength close to metal. Dont be hesitate, come and find more about H1918 on QSTECHs booth!


    Professional Team is setting out to conquer the world

     The ISE exhibition team of the International Business Department took the first step and set off for overseas. The chairman of QSTECH, Xian Fang, General Manager Haoyu Chen and other senior executives expressed their concern and encouragement to the colleagues on the expedition at the ceremony. They hoped that the team would put health and safety first and create the maximum value for the expedition. The company also provides ISE team with the most complete logistics support, QSTECH always adhere to the people-oriented, for the ultimate customer experience and unremitting efforts