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    A Deep Look Into QSTECH New Product H19 Series


    QSTECH, a new brand joined CVTE in 2018, has been dedicated in the LED industry for 30 years. In 2022, QSTECH will embark on a new journey with vigorous vitality and more ambitious goals. The H19 series is the first product debut at QSTECH's Global Brand and Product Release, showing its value to QSTECH’s 2022 resolution. “Integrated Design, Leading the Future” is not only a precise definition for the product, but also presents QSTECH’s sincerity and hope on it, looking forward providing market and customers with a fresh new experience and visual enjoyment.


    High Integration Design from Inside Out

    H19 series owns built-in hub board, power supply, receiving card, and hub board three components are integrated on one board, reducing redundant wiring inside the cabinet and improving EMC protection. The design enables only one board in each cabinet, thus to achieve lightweight and slim structure, and single cabinet only weighs 1.4kg with the thinnest part as 19mm.

    The overall structure is composed of 320*360 independent module board, integrated cabinet and maintenance cover plate. The magnetic suction cabinet greatly simplifies the installation steps and improves the stability. With flexible and lightweight cabinet structure, H19 products can be widely applied in various scenarios. And its 8:9 cabinet design enables independent application or customized size in 16:9 standard aspect ratio, bringing more possibilities in application scenarios including commercial centers, retail stores, exhibition halls and etc.


    Lead the Future with Technological Innovation

    On the basis of QSTECH 3-in-1 integration design, H19 series applies polymer alloy, which can not only reduce cabinet weight, improve toughness and high temperature resistance, but also makes cabinet strength close to metal.


    In addition, in terms of product performance, the H19 series has 3840 high refresh rate, high gray scale under low brightness, high gray compensation and over 547.9 billion color rendering, as well as calibration and display data storage function. On this basis, QSTECH also implanted intelligent power supply into H19 series products to adjust output voltage according to different parameters, so as to reduce screen power consumption, prolong service life, and bring qualitative changes to LED energy saving performance. By creating a new drive architecture for H19 series, QSTECH team aims to reduce the internal energy consumption of LED screen, thus to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.


    Define New Industry Standards with Product

    For a long time, LED technology upgrading often means complex engineering, power board, receiving card, signal line, installation and debugging of the whole product. However, under current trend of commoditization, QSTECH H19 series provides another answer. The product has integrated design, efficient installation mode, excellent product performance and energy saving scheme. Moreover, with MaxConfig control software, everyone can control the screen via wireless screen share function and other user-friendly operations


    Zhiquan Liang, product director of QSTECH, believes that LED industry will inevitably change from complex and engineering to highly integrated design, as same as that happened in traditional industry. With highly integrated design, H19 series products simplify what is complicated, showing its pioneering strength in the industry. The improvement of product hardware and performance also makes users switch traditional concept from “performance" to "experience”.


    Legal Compliance is the Bottom Line of LED Market

    CCC is the national compulsory product certification standard launched in 2002. In 2012, the product catalog put the LED electronic display into the CCC compulsory certification directory. Products without CCC certification have great potential safety risks. In recent years, many display projects have suffered from the fire and resulted in punishment by market supervision departments.


    QSTECH and H19 series products strictly adhere to laws and regulations, and each display unit of H19 series is in line with the CCC standard, which set a benchmark of legal compliance and a new standard for the industry. Meanwhile, H19 series is the product to protect partners from risk and provide end users with safe guarantee.


    QSTECH has been adhering to its initial dream for 30 years by upgrading products and technology. In the bond between QSTECH and the user, the demands keep changing, and what remains unchanged is that QSTECH Insists on the core concept of “convenient user experience, ultimate display, energy saving and environmental protection”. Therefore, we have reason to believe that QSTECH will shine in the LED industry in the future, leading the sustainable and healthy development of LED market, and try our best to realize the vision of CVTE: because of our existence, make more people have a successful career and happy life!