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    Awarded 5 national and Guangdong patent awards, CVTE strives to set new benchmarks in high quality


    The year 2021 witnessed the high quality development of intellectual property in China again. Recently, the People's Government of Guangdong Province issued a circular to commend the 22nd WIPO-CNIPA Award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention & Industrial Design and to commend the winning units and individuals of the 8th Guangdong Patent Award. Among them, CVTE, as a national technology innovation pilot enterprise, won five awards, including two excellence awards for the WIPO-CNIPA Award, and three awards for the 8th Guangdong Patent Award.


    It is reported that the 8th Guangdong Patent Award has selected 20 gold awards, 40 silver awards and 60 excellence awards, totaling 120 awards. It is worth noting that CVTE is one of the few companies that won gold awards, silver awards, and excellence awards in this year's Guangdong Patent Award. The patent "A wireless screen transmission method, extension device and wireless screen transmission system", offered by CVTE, won the Gold Award, a breakthrough for the company [1]. The Guangdong Patent Award is a heavyweight evaluation event in the province's patent industry. Winning the Gold Award recognizes CVTE's independent R&D capability and high-value patent layout in the field of display and control products.


    A model of gold award: a high-value patent layout of years of effort

    As a national technology innovation pilot enterprise, CVTE has always insisted on the investment and layout of technology innovation and high-value patents. Just as the saying goes, piling up the earth can make mountains, and storing up the water can make the sea. Over the past 16 years, the company has filed more than 10,000 patents and has participated in the national and provincial patent awards for many years. The active participation in the 8th Guangdong Patent Award is another test of CVTE's independent R&D capability, and the gold award proves its technical strength and accumulation.

    In recent years, the independent innovation ability of China's enterprises has been rapidly improved, and the number of invention patents granted to enterprises has been increasing year by year. As to how to select high-value patents from numerous patents, the Guangdong Patent Award has made clearer criteria for the participating patents: "The awarded patents shall be highly innovative, of high technical level or unique design, and have gained significant economic or social benefits after implementation".
     To this end, CVTE formed a patent award filing team to evaluate the technologies, screen patents and evaluate their stability, evaluate and identify resource institutes, organize the mock defense of the inventors, and finally received almost 1,000 pages of filing materials for three patents.

    According to the inventor, the patent "A wireless screen transmission method, extension device and wireless screen transmission system" (hereinafter referred to as "wireless screen transmission" patent), which won the gold medal, has been patented in China and other countries, including the United States and Europe, with 53 claims and 4 exclusive rights, and has been cited by 45 other patents [2].

    This series of data fully illustrates the high quality, strong foundation and necessity of the patent.

    It is reported that the "wireless screen transmission" patent began in 2014, mainly used in intelligent conference tablets and other products. It solves the projection delay, equipment confusion and interaction limitation brought by traditional projection methods such as "wired transmission" and "U disk transmission", creating a new way of interaction for meeting screen projection and improving the efficiency of meeting collaboration. “This wireless screen transmission technology optimizes the transmission delay and currently realizes a transmission delay of 0.09 seconds, which enables users to enjoy smooth screencasting.” This technology is now widely used in MAXHUB, CVTE's intelligent collaboration platform. And the leading market share figures of MAXHUB for consecutive years also show the market's recognition of the product as well as the technology, the inventor proudly said.


    Heavy investment in R&D and set up a role model with strength

    "You cannot get key core technologies by begging or buying".  Since its inception, CVTE has taken the independent R&D of core technology as an important driver of corporate development. On the one hand, CVTE has built up a big technical team, and the company's technical staff accounted for about 60% of the total staff as of 2021 [2]. On the other hand, CVTE has invested heavily in building a technology R&D platform, setting up several labs including hardware performance labs, chemical labs, reliability labs, and failure analysis labs, and the annual R&D investment from 2019 to 2020 exceeded more than 5% of the revenue [3].

    The continued investment has brought significant results for CVTE. In 2018, CVTE was ranked 17th on the PCT international patent application list; in the first half of 2019, the company entered the top 100 domestic enterprises in terms of the number of patents granted for inventions; in 2020, CVTE surged in terms of the number of patents granted for inventions and ranked 45th in China in terms of the annual number [2]. And in 2021, CVTE was again ranked among the top 100 companies in terms of patents granted for inventions, with the number of patents granted increasing by more than 26% compared to 2020 [4]. By the end of 2021, the number of CVTE' patent applications exceeded 10,000, and the cumulative number of granted patents exceeded 6,700 [2]. From the first patent application in 2007 to now, tens of thousands of innovative technologies have been protected by patents, making those innovative technologies an indispensable competitive edge for its products.

    The strong technology R&D and high-value patent accumulation make CVTE a technology leader and benchmark in the field of commercial display systems, and it was the executive vice president unit of the second council of Shenzhen Business Display System Industry Promotion Association in 2021. The company has deeply engaged in the preparation of "Intelligent Conference System Part II: Conference Tablet System" and "General Technical Specification for Indoor LED Business All-in-One Machine", contributing its corporate specification and technical experience accumulated over the years in the field of conference tablet and LED, promoting the collaboration of industry-wide scientific and technological innovation and high-quality development of the whole industry.

    In the international arena, CVTE also takes an open attitude to strengthen industry-wide technology exchanges. In 2021, the CVTE Central Research Institute conducted a number of researches around future education, teleconferencing, augmented reality, and other scenarios, and the related results were published in many top international authoritative academic conferences and journals such as AAAI (a top international academic conference on artificial intelligence), NeurIPS (a top international academic conference on artificial intelligence), EMNLP (a top international academic conference on natural language processing) and IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (a top international academic journal on multimedia). These results are a key recognition of CVTE's progressive strength in top international technologies in the field of artificial intelligence.

    In the coming 5 to 15 years, high-quality development remains the constant theme of China's enterprise development. Under this theme, technological innovation and high-value patent layout will be the essential path for corporate development. Going forward, CVTE will continue to invest more in scientific research, adhere to independent innovation, empower business with technology, promote the high-quality corporate and industry-wide development with innovation, and contribute more value to China's digital economy development.




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