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    CVTE's MAXHUB Wins "Commercial Display Industry Leadership Award"


    Recently, the "2021 Shenzhen International C-Touch & Display Exhibition & 2021 Shenzhen Commercial Display Technology Exhibition", organized by the Public Information Display (PID) Branch of China Video Industry Association (CVIA), was grandly opened at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting over 10,000 business people from commercial retail and conference system industries to attend and discuss industry events together.


    The exhibition, which aims to select the benchmark companies leading changes in the touch display industry, focuses on cutting-edge products and technology solutions within the industry and promotes the flow of technology and innovation vitality.


    The winners of the 2021 "China Commercial Display Industry Leadership Award" were also announced at the exhibition. The enterprise service brand MAXHUB, a subsidiary of CVTE, has been deeply engaged in the industry for many years and has taken practical actions to help the healthy development of the intelligent conference panel industry, and was awarded the "Commercial Display Industry Leadership Award".


    Achieving high quality by craftsmanship and impressing users by service

    With intelligent conference panels making a splash in the Internet, finance, medical, retail, government and other industries, the era of "one screen to enjoy the world" is accelerating, and as the pioneer in the domestic conference panel industry, digital innovation technology and one-stop after-sales service are important driving forces for the development of MAXHUB.


    As the parent company of MAXHUB, CVTE has accumulated profound R&D strength after 15 years of development. As of April 2021, CVTE boasts over 5,500 authorized patents and over 2,100 computer software copyrights and works copyrights.


    Backed by the profound technology accumulation of its parent company, MAXHUB has invested ten million RMB to build an EMC test center and various comprehensive laboratories, focusing on creating a variety of intelligent office products to meet different customers' customized needs. Its function of supporting one-key convenient screen mirroring breaks the limitation of traditional display devices and brings new ideas to the industry.


    In terms of service, MAXHUB offers every user with a reassuring and worry-free after-sales experience. MAXHUB offers more than 900,000 online and offline services every year, and has established more than 1,500 after-sales service outlets nationwide with a professional service team of 9,500+ service engineers. They provide users with a full range of services such as equipment consulting, delivery, installation, training and maintenance, solving the "worries" of users who purchase oversized products.


    User-oriented, tapping into real needs of users

    The pandemic has been pushing the deepening of the smart conference market. To meet the ever-segmented customer application scenarios, it is no longer possible to stand out from the competition only by relying on changes in product form, and the design concept behind the product is the key secret to long-term brand development.


    "Starting from the real needs of users" is MAXHUB's long-standing product development philosophy, which shows not only the advanced insight of user needs as a benchmark enterprise in the industry, but also the confidence to turn the needs into the products of customers' choice. Aware of the limitations of traditional projection devices since its establishment, MAXHUB took the lead in creating a new category of conference panels and continued to launch a variety of product solutions based on in-depth research in the target market, as well as subsequently releasing the industry's first intelligent conference solution that integrates the work scenarios of pre-preparation, in-meeting collaboration and post-meeting execution to achieve a one-stop packaged solution.


    In 2021, MAXHUB has been upgraded from the "efficient meeting platform" to the "intelligent collaboration platform", realizing the construction of an open intelligent office ecosystem with multiple terminals, applications and industries from a single product to a conference panel.


    "The pursuit of the ultimate product experience" has become a key grip for MAXHUB to stay at the forefront of the industry. As Dr. Chen Cai shared in the "2021 Shenzhen International Display and Touchscreen Elite Summit", it is the focus and enthusiasm of "thinking what customers think, beyond what customers think" that drives MAXHUB's continuous improvement and makes people look forward to the future development of the commercial display industry.


    The award of "Commercial Display Industry Leadership Award" fully demonstrates MAXHUB's dedicated strength in product development, and also shows the recognition and affirmation of MAXHUB in helping the development of commercial display industry. Up to now, from 2017 to the first half of 2021, MAXHUB has been ranked the first in China’s commercial flat panel market for four and a half consecutive years*, serving more than half of China's top 500 enterprises* and winning numerous praises.


    In order to meet greater digital challenges and create more value, MAXHUB will continue to layout an open intelligent office ecosystem while moving forward. With the "X+ Plan" as the pivot, MAXHUB will link partners from various industries to leverage the era of digital office collaboration, provide more efficient solutions for business users, and help improve productivity.