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    CVTE's MAXHUB continues to lead the conference tablet market, and the market share in Q2 2021 topped the list


    In the first half of this year, the COVID-19 pandemic remained continued with clusters of infections occurring in some parts of China. As a result, enterprise demand for telecommuting and online collaboration remains high, and all related fields are booming.


    Recently, the 2021 Q2 China Commercial Tablet Market Quarterly Research Report released by the big data agency All View Cloud also proposed that with the impact of the pandemic, the overall growth of the domestic conference tablet industry accelerated. In Q2, the cumulative sales reached 142200 units, up 57% compared to 2020. The report also shows that competition in the conference tablet industry is intensifying, and brand concentration is further improving. The TOP 3 brands account for nearly 60% of the market share, while the TOP 10 brands have many new faces, and some traditional manufacturers are facing reshuffle.


    It is worth noting that as the top product in the industry for four consecutive years, CVTE's MAXHUB still had particularly eye-catching performance in the second quarter of this year with the market share reaching as high as 28.8%, which is more than the total share of the second and the third. At the same time, MAXHUB also achieved "double growth" of sales year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter, which are 64% and 62.7% respectively. It has easily outperformed the industry market growth rate, incisively and vividly demonstrating its strength like a "long-distance runner".


    Return to the real needs of users and promote the brand with product power

    All the success is by no means accidental. MAXHUB, which has been able to make dazzling achievements repeatedly and continuously expand its leading edge in the industry, also has its unique key to success.


    MAXHUB has always adhered to the product development concept of "starting from the real needs of users", which is also the driving force for MAXHUB to continuously achieve "zero-to-one" innovation breakthrough. In 2017, in order to avoid dim display and time-consuming projector debugging, MAXHUB took the lead in creating a new category of conference tablet to define the three core functions of writing, display and synergy. In 2018, based on in-depth research on user groups, MAXHUB released X3 conference tablet, bringing a more efficient way of meeting synergy. In 2019, MAXHUB unveiled the industry's first intelligent meeting solution, which enables one-step pre-meeting preparation, efficient and smooth in-meeting collaboration and effective post-meeting execution. In 2020, MAXHUB launched the V5 series meeting tablets, which can meet needs in different office scenarios of different sizes and types, and help enterprises to achieve higher efficiency. In 2021, MAXHUB not only upgraded its brand positioning from "efficient conference platform" to "intelligent synergy platform", but also moved from a single conference tablet product to multi-terminal, multi-application and multi-industry intelligent solutions, providing "timely help" for enterprises in urgent need of digital transformation.


    Product modality may be replicable, but MAXHUB's user-oriented mindset in defining products as well as its profound logic of understanding user needs, has become an "exclusive secret" that competitors can neither copy nor overcome.


    Our clients are everywhere. More than half of China's top 500 companies are using MAXHUB.

    It is not an overstatement to say that MAXHUB is the "silver-spoon" generation. As one of China's top 500 listed companies, its parent company, Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronic Technology Company Limited, has all kinds of resources. MAXHUB has a plan that wherever there is MAXHUB, there will be MAXHUB services. Therefore, from the beginning of its establishment, MAXHUB began to invest a large amount of human, financial and material resources to establish its own service system and fully connected with the original service network of the parent company to provide users with efficient, professional and convenient service experience in an all-round way.


    It is understood that MAXHUB provides consumers with more than 900,000 online and offline services annually, and has established more than 1500 after-sales service outlets nationwide, with a professional service team composed of more than 9,500 service engineers, which can provide users with all-round services such as equipment consulting, delivery, installation, training, maintenance, etc. At the same time, for customers in the first and second tier cities, MAXHUB also provides door-to-door service within 48 hours, in order to give timely and rapid response to users.


    Good service is the key to win a good reputation. Every enterprise undoubtedly dreams of a good reputation among customers. Currently, MAXHUB has more than 200,000 enterprise customers, and more than half of China's top 500 enterprises are using MAXHUB for office and meeting. Such a large and high-quality customer base and the reputation value generated in the future will allow MAXHUB's development to achieve immeasurable leap forward.


    MAXHUB is recognized as the leading brand in the conference tablet industry. This is not just because of its strong product strength and leading market share more importantly, MAXHUB has been taking leading the healthy development of the industry as its responsibility. While continuously exporting innovative technologies of hardware and software, MAXHUB has also been sharing its own production standards, quality specifications, and testing solutions to help improve the conference panel market system. It can be predicted that as the conference tablet industry matures, users will be rewarded with a better user experience and more efficient office space.