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    MAXHUB Creates a New Intelligent Office Experience


    With the current "normalization" of epidemic prevention and control, it is a wise move for enterprises to fight against the uncertain risks of the future by improving the efficiency of collaboration and forming digital "immunity" through innovative technologies. On July 21, at booth PD1-01 in Hall P of Beijing InfoComm China 2021, MAXHUB, the leading brand of conference flat panels in China signed a strategic cooperation agreement to play the advantages of complementary resources and strengths to provide more efficient collaborative office solutions for enterprise customers and help build digital "immunity". At the scene, Liu Yang, President of MAXHUB, Wang Zhicong, Vice President of Marketing Group and General Manager of China Business of Intel Corporation, and Xie Qingshan, Industry Sales Director of IoT Sales and Marketing of Intel Corporation in China, attended the signing ceremony together.


    It is reported that the two sides will start deeper cooperation based on long-term sound teamwork in OPS, AI, cloud computing, cloud storage, IoT, and other cutting-edge technologies to drive the change and upgrade of traditional industries with more convenient and wiser products so that the new digital office era of connected intelligence will come faster.


    Several Years of Concerted Efforts to Help Enterprises in Multiple Fields of Digital Transformation

    Since the launch of the first intelligent conference panel category in 2017, MAXHUB has served more than 200,000 companies at home and abroad, covering finance, technology, real estate, healthcare, government and other fields, and has entered the meeting rooms of more than half of China's top 500 enterprises, which is highly recognized by the market and users.


    MAXHUB started to reach in-depth cooperation on CPU products at the beginning of its establishment. In the subsequent product development, MAXHUB even adopts the advanced OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) interface to make the computer part into a modular standard item, integrating the motherboard, memory, hard disk and others with a standard size shell, and docking it with the OPS interface of the intelligent conference panel through a standardized interface. This speeds up data processing and reduces latency, while also facilitating centralized management and decentralized control. Thanks to this, MAXHUB conference panels can be upgraded and maintained more easily, and can be seamlessly connected to the enterprise's original system and support more application downloads, bringing users a higher quality and more reliable product experience.


    It is understood that in 2010, MAXHUB's parent company, CVTE, proposed the modular design concept almost simultaneously and provided support for Intel to establish the OPS design specification. In addition, MAXHUB is one of the few "OPS Certified Partners" in China, and the two sides have always maintained close cooperation and exchanges for mutual success and win-win results.


    MAXHUB Joins Forces to Explore More Intelligent Office Possibilities as Business Needs Upgrade

    With the increasing popularity of 5G, big data, AI and other cutting-edge technologies, enterprises have further demand for office efficiency improvement and service quality improvement. MAXHUB's strategic cooperation aims to bring enterprises a more efficient and intelligent way of working and promote the development of enterprise digitalization in the new era.


    At the signing ceremony, MAXHUB said that both parties will not only work together to establish technical teams to achieve in-depth discussions and exchanges in the fields of AI, 5G and IoT, but also jointly increase resource investment in the research and development of intelligent office applications and multi-domain IT solutions to accelerate product maturity and enhance the core competitiveness of digital services.


    Significantly, MAXHUB has always been in a compatible mindset, actively uniting partners from different fields to jointly build an open intelligent office ecosystem. Previously, MAXHUB has joined hands with enterprises such as MindLinker, Kingsoft, Zhaoxin and UnionTech Software through the “X+ Plan" to launch new collaborative office solutions, localized solutions and digital collaborative development solutions, etc. MAXHUB will further improve the base of the "X+ Plan" and provide surging power for enterprises to build a full-scene "light office".


    It is the common wish of MAXHUB to make more enterprises achieve efficiency and cost reduction, and make more employees enjoy the convenience of smart office. It is foreseeable that, with the deepening of their cooperation mode, more and more organizations will get a smarter and more efficient office experience in the future.