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    Several CVTE products won Red Dot Design Award


    The Red Dot Design Award was founded by the German Design Association in 1955.  Known as the "Oscar" of the design industry, it is the largest and most influential design competition in the world. CVTE's MAXHUB V5 dual-screen conference tablet, medical film reader, artistic cloud screen and other products won awards for their unique creative design.

    The MAXHUB V5 dual-screen conference tablet supports dual-screen and dual-stream, one-screen video conferencing, and one-screen data sharing. It also supports dual-screen same/different display and wireless and cross-screen transmission. With a simple and easy-to-use interaction design, the tablet is equipped with built-in teleconference software so that it can quickly start a teleconference. It also applies innovative gap sound technology, so that the sound can come out from the front of the large screen to reduce reflection and restore the real sound quality. The device supports remote writing interaction, real-time information synchronization, so that remote teams can chat like they are in the same room.


    The medical film reader is a medical film reading device supporting the medical touch screen. It is adsorbed to the surface of the touch screen by a suction cup. The touch screen will automatically identify the area which will light up, and the film can be inserted into the gap of the film reader, and relevant information can be displayed on the touch screen. In order to better fit the screen, the reader can be tightened by rotating and pressing, which can be easily removed by rotating in the opposite direction. The shape of the carina is designed to prevent the hand from touching the screen while rotating. The strip texture increases the friction and facilitates rotation.


    Artistic cloud screen is for the display of artistic works in home, gallery, art museum and other spaces. It adopts non-destructive gamma ray and anti-glare display technology, which can present realistic and delicate quality. It is equipped with high-quality audio and gesture recognition technology. Its exterior is made of high-quality fabric with an exquisite aluminum alloy frame, which helps create a quiet artistic experience.


    CVTE has always adhered to the concept of continuous innovation. It set up the innovative design Institute, hoping to design more products with better comfortable user experience, advanced technology and beautiful appearance in the future. We always believe that innovation changes life and dream leads to the future!