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    Cities in Guangdong Work with seewo to Develop Online Classes During the Outbreak


    Owing to Chinese people’s joint efforts, the virus control has succeeded while many provinces have seen no increase in diagnosed cases for days but more cured patients. However, as the virus still prevails, we should by no means relax. In China, most schools teach online so that students can learn according to schedules. In Guangdong Province, schools make use of resources of school-enterprise cooperation and collaborate with CVTE seewo to build their exclusive online classes.



    In the east Guangdong, many schools have set a well-established online teaching system through three weeks’ online teaching practice. Teachers teach with seewo teaching software like seewo Whiteboard, Class Optimizer, and seewo EasiClassroom and create exclusive air class closed loop through persistent study and exploration. For example, when preparing for classes, they can use the class preparing terminal of seewo Whiteboard and various teaching resources to make fine courseware and teach online using the Cloud Class and Knowledge Capsule in seewo Whiteboard.

    After class, students can review to enhance their knowledge using the replay and the Knowledge Capsule courseware sharing of Cloud Class. Using the Class Optimizer, teachers can ask questions, assign homework, communicate with parents, check the homework, arrange the preview of the next class and conduct efficient school-home collaboration. Through a mix of functions like this, online teaching based on seewo software can truly help students learn in this special period.



    In the outbreak, Principle Wang of the Haifeng School Affiliated to Central China Normal University quickly responded by forming a research group to make a general preparation, make advisable arrangements for preview and homework assigning, receive feedback and cooperate with parents in students’ review and psychological guidance to see them progress step-by-step.

    Launched during the outbreak, the Cloud Class of seewo Whiteboard became teachers’ first choice within a short time. In the current uptrend of online classes in east Guangdong, more than 300 schools have streamed nearly 9000 classes using the Cloud Class of seewo Whiteboard. Open to many disciplines, this function serves for teaching, tutoring, question answering, and other forms of classes.



    Boluo Secondary School has given more than 7000 students more than 2000 live-streamed classes of different disciplines using the Cloud Class of seewo Whiteboard. Meanwhile, teachers are in close contact with seewo service staff to continuously learn how to the software and give their advice to help seewo upgrade and improve its products.



    Teachers have made tough, great attempts and explorations. Having no way to return to podiums and see their students, they resort to the intangible network to communicate with their students. What can be isolated is the virus, not the passion for learning.

    CVTE is willing to work with teachers to pull through the outbreak, guarantee teaching in the war against the virus and wait for spring to come.