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    ​CVTE MAXHUB Lends a Hand to “100 Projects for the 100th Anniversary” Mobilization Meeting


    On February 28, the “100 Projects for the 100th Anniversary” and Q1 2020 Major Projects Signing and Commencement Mobilization Meeting was kicked off in Guangzhou Development District and Guangzhou High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Twenty-two academicians including Yuan Longping and Zhong Nanshan delivered their greetings and expressed their confidence for the future of Guangzhou Development District and Guangzhou High-Tech Industrial Development Zone in videos.

    At the event, CVTE MAXHUB Conference Flat Panel and MindLinker Remote Conference System (MindLinker) linked the main and parallel sessions in live streaming, accomplishing the first extensive online signing ceremony in the Huangpu District, Guangzhou since the outbreak. Meanwhile, they streamed the commencement in different places to boost the return to work in the first quarter of 2020.

    “Screen” live streaming of seven sessions

    “Now I announce the commencement of key projects of Guangzhou Development District, Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, and Guangzhou Knowledge City!”. The moment this announcement was made at 10 am, the large screen at the main session was divided into 66 smaller squares, each showing the commencement of the districts’ 66 important projects in Q1 2020. [1]



    During the event, the main session was at the exhibition hall of the Guangzhou Science City Square while six interactive sessions were in the China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, Guangzhou Science City, the Port of Huangpu, Guangzhou International Bio Island, Suigang Smart Manufacturing Special Cooperation Zone, and Suigang Technological Cooperation Park. This necessitated the HD video collaboration and interaction between main and parallel sessions.

    For this, MAXHUB and MindLinker constructed a remote video system for the main session and six parallel sessions. In the form of 5G network live streaming, they linked the main session with six parallel sessions in live streaming and simultaneously streamed seven sessions, the commencement of 66 new investment projects (including one opening ceremony) and the signing of 20 projects.  



    MAXHUB Flat Panel playing the MindLinker live streaming of each parallel session


    “Online” signing heralds the commencement of works

    Surprisingly, this event witnessed a never- before-seen signing ceremony of many contracts in addition to the simultaneous live streaming of the main and parallel sessions.



    At the event, the screen switched from the spliced images about the signing of 20 projects to 20 neatly arranged company logos on the left and larger logos of Guangzhou Development Zone and Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone on the right. At the beginning of the signing, an autograph of the signing representative emerged by each logo. At the main session, executives could write and sign contracts using MAXHUB Podium and witness the signing in MindLinker remote videos. Finally, the Guangzhou Development District and Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone signed with 20 project partners online. [1]



    The event saw the commencement of new investment projects (including one simultaneous opening ceremony), the signing of 20 projects, and one opening ceremony. The commenced projects have a total investment of RMB 103.7 billion and a production value of more than RMB 200 billion. Among them, there are 39 industrial projects, accounting for nearly 70% in total investment and 12 biomedicine and medical service projects, accounting for 23% of industrial projects in total investment. With an investment of RMB 29.8 billion and estimated production value (revenues) of more than RMB 80 billion, the signing and opening ceremonies are precious. [2]

    Entrance, media section …MAXHUB was everywhere

    People might notice MAXHUB Flat Panels at the entrance, venue, and media section while supporting the live streaming of the main and parallel sessions.

    At the venue, participators could leave their autographs on the MAXHUB Flat Panel greeting extinguished guests at the entrance. There were also 2 screens playing the event’s subjects and real-time progress in synch so that no one could miss any detail. MAXHUB Smart Conference Flat Panels gave the event a touch of modernity and high technologies.

    As a brand of CVTE, one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises recognized by Fortune in 2019, MAXHUB Conference Flat Panel is a veteran in remote video conferences. By now, MAXHUB has made its way into finance, internet technology, medicine, manufacturing, real estate, and administration. More than 250 of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, Tencent and Ping An Technology included, have chosen MAXHUB, a brand now serving more than 200,000 enterprises and organizations. [3]

    As an efficient interactive remote video service software, MindLinker is committed to closed-loop conference management. Compatible with MAXHUB Conference Flat Panels, it makes conferences more efficient by making interaction possible.

    CVTE has helped many signing and commencement ceremonies across China. In the future, as more and more Chinese enterprises return to work, CVTE will optimize its products to guarantee their safety in their return to offices.




    [1] “87 projects! Production value of RMB 284.3 billion! Compliments from Zhong Nanshan and Yuan Longping! Today, we are on fire!”, public account of Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone

    [2] “Production value of RMB 284.3 billion! 87 projects in Huangpu signed, commenced and acclaimed by 22 academicians including Zhong Nanshan and Yuan Longping!”, public account of Huangpu, Guangzhou

    [3] MAXHUB internal marketing data as of February 1, 2020.