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    How CVTE Won in Virus Control and Returned to Work


    The critical stage of virus control coincides with the peak of returning to work. As an important place in the company, the meeting room is unavoidable for employees. How can they protect themselves in the meeting room? CVTE has released the MAXHUB conference flat panel carrying its futuristic technology to help companies out in “the war against the virus in the meeting room”.


    Avoid hand contact with one-key information transmission by wireless screen-share dongle

    A meeting needs devices like cameras, flat panels, and microphones that are connected via numerous lines, putting more pressure on device sterilization. Besides, repeated plugging in and out requires hand contact, which may impact virus prevention.

    Integrating many functions, MAXHUB Conference Flat Panel plays the roles of more than one conference device, making meeting rooms no longer crowded. Moreover, its wireless screen-share dongle makes possible wireless information transmission, avoiding contact while quickly starting a meeting.



    The bright and clear HD large screen helps in meeting room ventilation

    During a meeting, doors and windows are shut to dim the room. However, a closed space is not helpful for ventilation and may lead to the breeding of bacteria and viruses.

    MAXHUB Conference Flat Panel has a large HD screen with every glass surface particle polished by the vacuum sputtering and chemical processes. The screen can weaken mirror reflection and prevent glare. When presenting documents, users can make a clear presentation without the interference of light. During the meeting, windows can be opened to keep the room ventilated and lighted.




    Scan the code to take away meeting content to avoid the circulation of paper documents

    At a meeting, people pass paper materials to each other, write on them, and take them away after the meeting, giving bacteria and viruses opportunities to breed.

    MAXHUB users can scan the QR code on the screen with their smartphones to save the documents of the meeting like PPTs and all the comments and revisions to read them anytime without writing on the paper. This will help companies cut the use of paper documents and the time spent on handwriting and eradicate the possibility of spreading viruses via paper documents.



    Conference screen recording avoids gathering and helps absentees learn after the meeting

    To control the spread of the virus and decrease gatherings, it is necessary to control the number of people attending meetings. However, when a project involves too many people, how absentees learn about the things discussed at the meeting?  

    MAXHUB has a solution for this. MAXHUB Conference Flat Panel can record the conference screen throughout the meeting so that absentees can also review the content of the meeting from recorded videos.


    Remote video meetings attended via multiple devices are the safest

    Not staying face to face in a crowded meeting room is indeed the best option. MAXHUB Cloud Conference makes available multi-terminal video conferences and allows users to fast join meetings with their smartphones, flat panel, and computers and avoid having meetings with fixed devices in fixed meeting rooms.*

    Moreover, users can use MAXHUB Video Conference to call video conferences using full-screen, multi-window videos and screen sharing + viewing, etc. They can synchronize the content written on the screen, add comments to documents together in different places and share the contents and apps on the desktop to work like in the same room.  



    As a brand of CVTE, one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises recognized by Fortune in 2019, MAXHUB is dedicated to making conferences smart, convenient and efficient and liberating corporations from inefficiency and repeated tasks to help them improve efficiency and boost group innovation.



    (The Second CVTE Industrial Park in Guangzhou)

    During the outbreak, MAXHUB Conference Flat Panel, a futuristic product released by CVTE, is changing the shortcomings of traditional conferences while improving the efficiency of meetings. Consequently, it has provided a more reasonable and effective way of work for the general public to win the war against the virus and protected companies in their return to work.

    In the future, CVTE will continue leveraging its advantages and taking its corporate responsibility to support the outbreak control in every aspect and make a contribution to the unremitting efforts to fight the virus.

    * The multi-terminal connection means that PC screen mirroring should be in Windows 7, macOS 10.10 and above while smartphone and tablet screen mirroring in Android 5.0, iOS 9.0 and above. Computers can connect with MAXHUB Wireless Screen-share Dongle for screen mirroring. When used for the first time, the Wireless Screen-share Dongle needs to pair with the conference flat panel. Computers, smartphones, and falt panel need to download MAXHUB screen share APP before screen mirroring.