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    Ten years of cultivation | seewo wins the award of 2019 Education Group with Brand Influence ​


    Recently, the 10th Xinhua Education Forum was held in Beijing. The forum is based on the theme of “seeking new growth drivers of education through innovation”, focusing on the four major areas of higher education, basic education, vocational education and private education, discussing new changes in educational development and exploring new driving forces for educational development. Seewo won the “2019 Education Group with Brand Influence” award in this ceremony. Ms. Hu Tingyu, president of Seewo Institute of Education accepted the award.



    (Ms. Hu Tingyu, president of Seewo Institute of Education attended the forum and accepted the award)


    (Ms. Hu Tingyu, president of Seewo Institute of Education attended the forum and accepted the award)

    Seewo has adhered to the “User centric” principle since entering the education industry in 2009 and devoted to creating educational information tools that are truly suitable for teachers. This award is an affirmation of seewo’s ten years of dedicated efforts in the field of education.


    Centering around teachers, classrooms and teaching, basing on the core equipment “interactive flat panel display”, seewo has developed and polished the information software applications like seewo easinote5, seewo care, seewo school and so on in the past ten years, which are favored by teachers and students. In addition, to provide users with more accurate data management services, seewo’s user account system connects devices with software applications, realizes the collection of “small data” in multiple teaching scenarios, interconnect the data of learning subject, digital environment and interaction modes.


    As the pioneer of domestic interactive plat panel market, seewo has participated in the formulation of standards for interactive white boards. By November 11, 2019, Shirui Electronics(seewo) has been granted 1,577 patents, including 245 patents for invention. According to the “AVC DDS-China B2B IWB Market Research Report” released by AVC, seewo has been the leader in China’s interactive plat panel industry for 7 consecutive years (2012-2018).



    As practitioners of new technologies and performers of new concepts, teachers are a key force in the process of educational informatization in China. Therefore, to provide a stage for teachers, seewo builds an online and offline professional growth platform to empower teachers’ development, as well as provides an online learning platform for millions of teachers through Seewo College, and launches projects such as Seewo Xingtan Project, Seewo Master Cup Interactive Teaching Contests, etc.


    In order to keep teachers in tune with the pace of education informatization, since 2016, seewo has launched the “Seewo Public Welfare - Teacher Growth Plan”, aiming at helping rural schools improve their teaching environment and rural teachers grow, with the idea of “equipment donation plus educational counterpart aid”.



    (Four-years journey of Seewo Public Welfare)


    Nowadays, seewo’s products and services have been equipped by millions of classrooms and become the choice of millions of teachers and students. Ms. Hu Tingyu said, “As a technology-based enterprise focusing on education, we should look at technology from the perspective of education with a pious and awestruck heart, so that our technology can truly serve education.”

    In the future, depending on science and technology, seewo will adhere to its original intention, continue to work together with colleagues in education field to contribute to the reform and development of China’s education.