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    CVTE showed up at 2019 CBDS and elected as president of CBDA branch associations


    Recently, the 11th China (International) B2B Display System Industrial Leaders Summit was held at Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center. It was a feast to the whole B2B display system industry, which attracted a great deal of attention and gathered numerous elite scholars and representatives from enterprises, media and investment institutions. As an outstanding representative in the industry, CVTE was invited to the summit, discussing the status quo and future of the industry with all the delegates.


    CBDS Leaders Summit has been held successfully for ten years. The theme of the 11th Summit was “AI·8K·5G·IoT·IoD, Usher in a New Future for Smart B2B display system”.

    At this summit, Yiran Wang, chairman of the board of CVTE, delivered a speech on “Dream Leads Future, CVTE’s Exploration in AIoT Field”, looking forward to working with the rest in this industry to meet the challenges and make breakthroughs together.


    In recent years, the smart B2B display industry has accelerated to a breakneck pace and come to an increasingly competitive marketplace. To meet the requirements of many members of the Association, China B2B Display System Industry Alliance as well as Shenzhen B2B Display System Industry Association, intended to establish two branches based on the present organization: Intelligent Office System Industry Association and Intelligent Health Care System Industry Association.

    It is worth mentioning that depending on the continuous dedication to corporate services and health care businesses, CVTE was elected as president of Intelligent Office System Industry Association and Intelligent Health Care System Industry Association.

    Since 2005, centering around its start-up business TV main board, CVTE has fostered plenty of new businesses which concentrate on six major fields of Components Business, Future Education, Corporate Services, Intelligent Hardware, Artificial Intelligence and Health Care. Among these new businesses, seewo has been the leader in China’s interactive plat panel industry for 7 consecutive years (2012-2018) [1]. In addition, MAXHUB, an efficient conference platform, was released on March 28, 2017 at China National Convention Center in Beijing, being introduced to the whole world. MAXHUB also has been the top for 2 consecutive years since its release [2].   


    (Representatives from Intelligent Office System Industry Association issued the proposal together)


    (Representatives from Intelligent Health Care System Industry Association issued the proposal together)

    Being elected as president of the two branch associations , was an affirmation of CVTE’s dedicated efforts in the two fields.

    In the future, carrying the mission and responsibility in promoting the development of B2B display industry, CVTE is determined to increase input to scientific research, continue to empower business via technology advancement and keep moving forward through innovation.

    [1] Date derived from “AVC DDS-China B2B IWB Market Research Report”.

    [2] Date derived from AVC “China Corporate IWB Market Research Report ”.