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    Big News! CVTE seewo and China Mobile have signed 5G strategic partnership agreement


    On 15th November, China Mobile’s worldwide partner conference was held in Guangzhou with the theme being “5G+ Infinite Future”. The subsidiary brand of CVTE,seewo,which focuses on future education, signed a strategic partnership agreement with China Mobile, aiming at exploring innovative cooperation in the area of 5G and promoting the development of smart education hand in hand.


    Yang Jie, China Mobile’s chairman of the board and Huang Minghan, seewo’s president, attended the signing ceremony. Nearly a hundred representatives from leading enterprises in all industries withnessed the agreement signed by China Mobile’s vice president Zhao Dachun and seewo’s vice president Zhou Haisheng. It was a milestone for both sides to start strategic cooperation.



    The agreement was mainly about how to upgrade teaching models, build up smart campuses and sample schools with the application of 5G, and how to strive to the equalization of education by the joint efforts of both sides.     



    Talking about the significance of the agreement, seewo’s president Mr Huang indicated, “It’s a strategic agreement of great importance. China Mobile leads 5G technology as well as it’s comprehensive application and help to business model innovation. Seewo ranks the top in the sphere of smart equipment and educational environment improvement in the age of informational education. The strategic partnership between seewo and China Mobile will lead to the widespread application of 5G in informational education and brings a huge change to teaching models.”


    This March, seewo made a breakthrough in the construction of 5G class, contributing to remote learning with the use of it’s interactive equipment which can clearly record and spread classic courses. Under the help of 5G, interactive activities between teachers and students from different districts enjoy a more efficient and stable environment, high-quality teaching resources are rapidly spread further and wider without the limitation of time and space, thus fostering the equalization of education. 



    Since 2009, when CVTE set up it’s first brand seewo, it dedicated to exploring  future education. Empowered with 5G technology, the strong partnership between CVTE and China Mobile is believed to let more teachers and students enjoy the benefits of informational and technological development, facilitate the innovation of teaching models and accelerate the informationization and modernization of China’s education.