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    ​Big news!CVTE signed strategic collaboration agreement with Beijing Normal University Education Group


    On November 10th, 2019, the 10th Beijing Normal University Basic Education Innovation Forum hosted by Beijing Normal University Education Group was held in "City of Transition "-Zunyi, which boasts a profound revolutionary history and has been regarded as a red sacred place where the Chinese revolution witnessed a historic turning point. It brought an ideological feast with the theme "Future of education: transitions and decisions" .


    At the opening ceremony, under the witness of more than 1,300 people including leaders of education departments, experts, principals, teachers, etc., Beijing Normal University Education Group signed a collaboration agreement with seewo (the subsidiary brand of CVTE which concentrates on future education ) in regard to standards of smart campuses construction. 





    On the day before the official signing ceremony, Huang Minghan, president of CVTE’s future education business group (seewo) and Qu Hao, chairman of Beijing Normal University Education Group, had a mutual communication on cooperation between the two parties.


    After the agreement is officially signed, the two parties will start designing future education system and ensure that specific measures are implemented. Through the formulation and implementation of smart campus construction standards, joint efforts will be made to promote the comprehensive optimization of teaching, educational informatization, e-campus culture and campus space, etc.


    Based on the exploration and practice of Beijing Normal University affiliated school league, combined with seewo's advantages on educational information technology and services, the two parties will promote the construction of standards for campuses and educational industry, establish a modernized educational mode and system with Chinese characteristics for cooperation between schools and enterprises by making joint efforts on the exploitation, consultation, design and service provision of application technology.  



    At the afternoon of November 10th, Huang Minghan, president of seewo, was invited to give a presentation on the theme of “Enterprise Informatization and Education Informatization” at the sub-forum “Modernization of Education Management”.



    Mr Huang said, “Enterprises have a strong bond with schools. Schools cultivate talents for enterprises, while good enterprises can be regarded as good schools. When the country's GDP is going up and Chinese enterprises are among the top in the world, it just proves that our country's education becomes better and better.”


    From the perspective of informatization, enterprises and schools are also connected. In the era of digital economy, there is a trend of digital resource industrialization as well as industry digitization. In this background, enterprises have to seek new breakthroughs, while schools need to cultivate talents who are able to adapt to social economic environment. Both enterprises and schools start from the infrastructure of technology, competency and application to set up a networked, digital, multimedia and intelligent management system for enterprises and schools. 



    Beijing Normal University Education Group is committed to building a high-level, powerful and warm education ecosystem with the mission of “taking root in basic education”, which is compatible with seewo’s mission over the past decade. Seewo firmly believes that as an education&technology brand rooted in China, it can provide high-quality services for China’s education and become an important driving force for China's educational reform.


    As Professor Zhao Yong from the School of Business at the University of Kansas in the United States noted on the spot, "The new development of teaching methods brought about by technological progress will become one of the three major factors that make future education change." Technology enables education and innovation leads the future. In the future, CVTE will make full use of its advantages of technological innovation and service innovation, work with Beijing Normal University Education Group to build a new ecosphere of education in China.