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    China International Financial Exhibition 2019: CVTE escorts the transformation of traditional bank branches


    On November 4th, 2019, MAXHUB(a subsidiary brand of CVTE) was invited to participate in China International Financial Exhibition, along with its smart all-in-one interactive flat panel display and a total solution for conference. Besides, it also showcased MAXHUB face scan payment display which create a scene of intelligent payment and comprehensively help bank branches transform from traditional to smart. 


    MAXHUB face scan payment display

      Face scan payment, fast than ever

    Face scan payment technology has attracted much attention from the financial industry in recent years due to its security and accuracy problems. The new face scan payment display launched by MAXHUB at this exhibition was stunning and gave new momentum to the payment industry.


    Just as the so-called "a thousand people, a thousand faces", the most difficult challenge for face scan payment technology is to quickly distinguish different facial features from the vast crowd. MAXHUB face scan payment display is connected to UnionPay, with the help of 3D structured light face recognition technology, it can capture dynamic expressions, recognize faces and show good anti-counterfeit effects.

    At the exhibition hall, lots of visitors had a try with MAXHUB payment display and gave compliment on the good experience it brought to users. 



    MAXHUB smart all-in-one IFPD

    Numbers are no longer "cold", smart financial ecosystem "knows humanity"

    According to KMPG, in the era of intelligence, bank branches should take the premise of data sharing, enrich financial marketing practices, repaint customer journey map and eventually establish a "warm" smart financial ecosystem. Based on the integration of online and offline marketing, MAXHUB intelligent all-in-one display can make products visualized, link business circles, do precision marketing via AI face recognition, thus reactivate the value of bank branches.



    Different from the monotonous presentations in the past, MAXHUB intelligent all-in-one display is able to show the details of financial products in 360 degrees, allowing customers to know the products more intuitively and quickly through the visualization of financial products, as well as saving time for promotion.



    At the same time, when customers want to know more about the financial products and services, they can even get access to detailed product introduction from professionals via remote video conferencing software. Mr.Wang, a visitor at the exhibition, said, "If such products are available at bank branches, it will make account managers’ work much more easier."



    MAXHUB Intelligent Conference Total Solution

    Makes internal meetings more effective, enterprises more competitive

    There are lots of necessary meetings and staff training courses at traditional bank branches. Therefore, the total solution for conference which is presented by MAXHUB on its central lecture platform has attracted numerous visitors’ attention.      


    By linking with MAXHUB’s other smart devices, the total solution for conference can help bank branches to improve their efficiency before, during and after the meetings. With the help of technology, it indeed makes every meeting efficient and effective, saving time and energy to do marketing.

    In the meanwhile, through the new enterprise management platform, it provides users with one-stop service of staff management, device management as well as meeting management. It helps to do data analysis of staffs, devices and the productivity of meetings, thus making every discussion and decision effective.


    In the future, with the vigorous development of artificial intelligence, block-chain, big data and other technologies, the financial industry is making great strides into the Fintech3.0 era, and the road to the upgrade of financial industry is deeper and wider. CVTE will continue to work hard to integrate the latest technology into products, helping financial institutions and even the financial industry to extend service boundaries and realize transformation and upgrading.