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    The 6th World International Conference: CVTE Steers the Digital Office Revolution!


    From October 18 to 22, the “Light of the Internet” expo of the 6th World International Conference was presented at Wuzhen Internet International Conference & Exhibition Center. More than 500 domestic and overseas professionals participated in the event to show the latest scientific and technological achievements in the world’s Internet.

    MAXHUB, CVTE’s corporate service brand, was invited to the expo to help many enterprises on site create smart booths, attracting the limelight.


    I. MAXHUB ✖ Unionpay

    At China Unionpay’s booth, MAXHUB, as a partner of China Unionpay, displayed the “MAXHUB facial recognition payment screen”, with which users can have their faces scanned according to the instruction and enter the payment password to finish the payment without cellphones or bank cards. This device can greatly improve users’ payment experience.  


    II. MAXHUB X Sangfor

    Sangfor has three business brands respectively engaged in smart safety, cloud computing, and new IT. Through MAXHUB’s interactive and controllable features, visitors could experience the “man-machine interaction” anytime, and zoom and move the displayed content to perceive the corporate plan more straightforwardly.



    SAP is a famous business administration solution software enterprise famous at home and abroad. The MAXHUB triple-screen interactive data board can realize multi-screen interaction, data comment, and distant data sharing to help the enterprise to dig into big data in real time and be preemptive in the competition.


    At the event, MAXHUB had a booth. According to the staff, MAXHUB conference flat panel combines the functions of conference equipment such as electronic whiteboard, camera, microphone, and speaker and intensively integrates the software and hardware needed by three major conference scenarios: writing, presentation, and coordination to provide enterprises with one-stop office solutions and offer customers more efficient and more coordinated “light office” approaches.


    Since it was launched in March 2017, CVTE MAXHUB has been chosen by many domestic and overseas enterprises and served more than 250 of the 500 top Chinese enterprises by now and many fields including finance, Internet science and technology, medicine, manufacturing, real estate, and government affairs.

    In the future, CVTE will continue following the development of Internet technologies, build a smart interconnected network with the practical applications in different fields and make the MAXHUB-assisted office a new trend of future offices.