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    CVTE seewo Makes Appearance at the 9th Smart China Expo | A Show of New Achievements of Education Modernization


    From September 6 to 8, the World Digital Economy Conference 2019 & 9th China Smart Expo, the largest and the most influential domestic platform of smart city, was held in Ningbo as scheduled. CVTE seewo was invited to the event to show up with its new products including seewo EasiClassroom, Class Recording System, and seewo Classroom Digital Signage to display its new achievements in education modernization.


    Seewo EasiClassroom

    Seewo EasiClassroom, a normalized smart classroom application tool throughout the whole teaching process before, during and after the class, is a big highlight of seewo at the smart education exhibition hall.

    Before class, it leverages the rich teaching resources in the platform to help teachers fast develop learning guides and pushes the resources to seewoBook, seewoPad, and other students’ learning terminals so that students can preview the class by themselves. During the class, teachers pushes the individualized seewo Whiteboard courseware to students’ terminals with one key and prepares various classroom activities including competition, and quick-fire questions to achieve a classroom involving everyone. After class, the teacher can check students’ learning status data to teach level by level while students can learn with targets to become the subjects of learning.


    Class Recording System

    To deliver high-quality education resources to more areas, seewo uses Class Recording System to provide teaching with concise and user-friendly functions such as local recording and playing, trans-regional interaction, resource sharing, and teaching research evaluation to help schools with the development and popularization of high-quality teaching resources and facilitate trans-regional and cross-temporal resource sharing between students and teachers.

    At this Smart China Expo in Ningbo, many leaders from the Education Bureaus, preoccupied by the current teacher-student information technology application, showed their intention to work with seewo to continue enhancing exploration and practice and optimizing management and application so teachers and students have access to better education services.

    After ten years of intensive development, seewo, a CVTE education brand, has built an integrated solution of normalized smart classroom, removed the obstacles in the underlying data and carried out the extension from classroom to the application scenarios of digital campus construction, reducing workload and improving efficiency for teaching and management. In the future, CVTE will continue boosting the rapid development of education informatization with the impetus of technical and product innovation to invigorate education modernization in China.