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    CVTE Included in the H1 2019 Corporate Authorized Patents for Invention Ranking List (TOP 100)


    Recently, intellectual property media IPRdaily and incoPat innovative index research center jointly released the “H1 2019 of Corporate Authorized Patents for Invention Ranking List (TOP100),” which summarizes global enterprises’ numbers of authorized patents for invention announced at the State Intellectual Property Office of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan enterprises).


    CVTE ranks 81st among global enterprises with its 220 authorized innovation patents.


    The number of authorized invention patents is more valuable than that of authorized patents. In China, there are three categories of patents: the invention patent, the  utility model patent and appearance design. Among them, the invention patent is the most creative, technological and is of the highest-quality and undergoes the most rigorous review procedures. Therefore, the number of authorized invention patents is the best evidence for an enterprise’s core technological strength and overall innovation capacity.

    (Exterior of CVTE Guangzhou headquarters)


    High quality and large quantity contribute to the success in intellectual property


    As a listed high-tech enterprise, CVTE is outstanding in both quality and quantity in terms of intellectual properties.


    As for the number of patents, by July 31, 2019, CVTE had obtained more than 3,500 authorized patents and more than 1,000 copyrights of computer software and works.


    In terms of patent quality, as a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise, CVTE is on the recently released China Enterprise Patent Top 500 Ranking List. More noticeably, before that, CVTE ranked 17th on the PCT International Patent Application” Ranking List (TOP100) 2018, manifesting its priority for core technology protection.

    (CVTE selected as a “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise”)


    What is behind its excellence is the emphasis on R&D innovation

    CVTE’s emphasis on R&D innovation is a contributor that cannot be ignored behind its excellent performance in intellectual property.

    CVTE has input enormous labor and materials into R&D innovation to nurture its core competitiveness. According to the data of its latest semi-annual report for 2019, its R&D expenditure in the first half of the year alone is more than RMB 450 million, with a year-on-year growth of nearly 70%. At its Guangzhou headquarters, CVTE has many comprehensive laboratories, which include an EMC laboratory built at the expense of tens of millions of Yuan. Besides, its regional headquarters and R&D centers in Suzhou, Beijing, Xi’an, Hefei, and Chongqing are at the stage of planning and will be put into use in succession.

    (CVTE EMC laboratory)


    Powered by inexhaustible innovation, CVTE’s business products are changing people’s daily life: one-third of the world’s television mainboards are designed and developed by CVTE. Its brands seewo and MAXHUB are industry leaders in China: the education informatization application tool provider seewo has served more than 1.2 million classrooms across China and tens of millions of teachers and students; and the high-efficiency conference platform MAXHUB is used in more and more conference rooms of Fortune Global 500 enterprises and making its way into more scenarios like new retail, finance, and commerce to connect with the future via screens.

    CVTE is excelling in core technologies, business products, and other aspects and will increase its research investment, concentrate on independent innovation and carry on with R&D investment to empower the business with technologies and boost development through innovation.