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    Impelled by Innovation, CVTE is Included in the Fortune China 500


    Recently, has released the Fortune China 500 ranking list for 2019, which was compiled by Fortune (Chinese version) on the basis of the performance and achievement of the world’s largest Chinese listed enterprises in 2018. According to the data, the annual revenue threshold of the companies on the list is 17% higher than that of last year.

    This year, 42 companies are included for the first time or are again in the list. It is worth noting that CVTE is on the list for the first time with its annual revenue of RMB 16.9 billion.

    Pieces of good news come one after another, adding momentum to development

    Before making its way into the Fortune China 500, CVTE had announced pieces of good news one after another: the annual report of 2018 released at the beginning of this year shows that the company has a high profitability. When the first half of 2019 was just ended, the company saw its market value exceed RMB 50 billion and its ranking rise on the latest list of 500 Chinese listed companies with the highest market value.

    CVTE’s development momentum couldn’t have been possible without its stable business development. The company has seewo, an educational informatization solution provider, high-efficiency conference platform MAXHUB, and many other industrially famous brands.

    In 2018, seewo interactive flat panels had a share of as high as 36.5% in the education market and were serving more than 1.2 million classrooms across China. Since the introduction of the Education Informatization 2.0, the market penetration of interactive flat panels has been increasing. With the brand’s rising industrial status and the education industry’s nature as a policy-guided industry, the educational interactive flat panel will be a new trend in the years to come.

    Along with the springing up of startup companies and the development of medium and small-sized companies, the demand in the conference flat panel market where MAXHUB is a player continues surging. According to the Global Commercial Display Industry Research Report released by AVC Revo, private companies’ demand ranked first in the current conference flat panel market with a percentage of 46.7%. The impending new conference tool revolution will usher MAXHUB into a blue ocean.

    Drive corporate development with technological innovations


    It is worth noting that 60% of CVTE employees are technicians. Besides, the company’s R&D investment increases year by year. The reason for the high percentages of technicians and R&D investment in the company’s annual profit is that the company’s development is driven by scientific and technological research, development and innovation.  

    In 2014, CVTE established the CVTE Research which gathers domestic and overseas experts and scholars to focus on researching visual computing, voice signal information processing, data mining, natural language process, medical signal analysis, robot perception and control, etc. Currently, the CVTE Research is qualified as Guangzhou Post-doctoral Innovation and Practice Base and in extensive cooperation with domestic and overseas prestigious schools of higher learning and research institutes.

    Moreover, last year, with the enterprise’s uninterrupted development, CVTE Research helped the group with project implementation and basic technology innovation and mainly researched on fields including engineering materials, innovative crafts, radio frequency technology, standard modular design, simulated computing, etc., which will increase in the future. As the core R&D platform of CVTE, CVTE Research will deepen its exploration in basic research and engineering technology to gather more technologies to enhance the enterprise’s independent development capability and core competitiveness and support its sustainable fast development.


    To CVTE, it is a great honor to be included in the list of Fortune China 500, which is a proof of the industrial and social recognition for CVTE. Relying on technologies accumulated for years, CVTE will continue deepening its researches and explorations in every field to make a contribution to the beautiful life of mankind with innovative technologies and excellent products because we aim to help more people succeed and live happily with our presence.