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    CVTE MAXHUB Shows up at InfoComm and Stuns Everyone with Its Smart Conference Solution


    From July 17 to 19, InfoComm China, one of the top Asian Pacific trade fairs for professional audio-visual and integrated experience solutions, was held at China National Convention Center in Beijing and attracted the world’s famous and leading solution providers to showcase their innovative audio-visual integrated technology solutions.

    At the trade fair, CVTE MAXHUB exhibited many new hit products and futuristic innovative solutions and became the spotlight garnering the enthusiastic support from overseas and domestic visitors from industry, governments and the academic circle and the attention from swarms of visitors.

    Smart conference solution

    This time, MAXHUB focused on the whole process of the conference and completed the coverage of the whole process through the interaction between conference flat panels and relevant products to achieve one-key reservation and notice before the conference, materials online sharing, notice synchronization and conference participation smart reminder. It showcased human face recognition sign-in, touch control and writing, one-key wireless screen shared dongle and smooth remote video collaboration during the conference [1]; and conference minutes synchronous sharing, real-time follow-up of tasks and time and labor-saving centralized equipment management after the conference [2].

    Dual-screen Interactive Video Conference

    For better remote collaboration, MAXHUB launched the dual-screen interactive video conference solution. After the Cloud Conference is started, one screen of the dual-screen combination can achieve two-way interconnection of data flow, multi-terminal data sharing, and real-time information synchronization and support remote writing interaction and screen sharing. The other screen for HD video conferencing not only supports video and audio dynamic smart adjustment via the MAXHUB wireless omnidirectional microphone, but also serves as a pickup of sounds from all directions to reduce noise while playing clear human voice and make conference attendees feel like they were having a real face-to-face communication and collaboration.

    Entrance smart map showing everything going on

    Each entrance of the exhibition venue was equipped with a MAXHUB conference flat panel for real-time venue map display and smart guidance. Users can touch the screen to get information about everything going on and see a fast, straightforward and convenient presentation about their current location and anything they need to know about the venue. Hence, at the venue of the trade fair, MAXHUB succeeded in offering every visitor the opportunity to experience smart technologies and giving the whole InfoComm China a touch of high technologies.


    Human face recognition for smart guidance

    The MAXHUB “human face recognition” smart visitor statistics system, which was another highlight at the trade fair, could detect the face of anyone less than 5 m from it and identify his/her gender and age, attracting hordes of visitors.


    The “human face recognition” smart visitor statistics system can detect the human faces shot by the camera, track them, and remove the repeated human faces to fast and accurately count the visitors at the venue while completing the human face matching and display the sign-in results in real time and track people who are absent or present.

    The futuristic technology can be applied to the offline scenarios of new retail including supermarket and hotel to help businesses with member recognition, VIP services, customer statistics, etc. to provide physical stores’ business opportunity statistics with effective data analysis and assist enterprises to optimize their resource allocation and achieve refined operating management.

    At this InfoComm, MAXHUB delivered to visitors new audio-visual experience of a smart conference, and many of its new products won their unanimous recognition. In the future, MAXHUB will continue holding fast to independent innovation and offering smart displays by developing state-of-the-art chips.


    1. This is only possible with the MAXHUB conference reservation platform.

    2. This is only possible with the MAXHUB conference management background.