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    CVTE seewo Debuts at the 8th China Finance Summit and Wins the Excellent Brand Image Award 2019


    On July 11 and 12, the 8th China Finance Summit (CFS) was held in Beijing to explore the power of Chinese economic transformation and development under the theme of “Big Era - Great Changes and New Power.” The summit invited nearly 1,000 people including political elites, business leaders, top economists and entrepreneurs to discuss the new concepts of Chinese economic development in the new era.


    At the selection of CFS, CVTE’s educational technology brand seewo won the Excellent Brand Image Award 2019 with its outstanding comprehensive public review and brand influence.

    Ms. Hu Tingyu, President of seewo Education Institute, received the award as the representative at the awarding ceremony and delivered a keynote speech. She said, “seewo wants to create tools that are truly suitable for Chinese education and become a technology brand trusted by tens of millions of teachers. We firmly believe that an educational brand grown in China is able to provide Chinese education with high-quality services and become an important impetus of Chinese educational reform to make education better with technologies.”


    At the CFS venue, she had a media interview as follows.

    Journalist: Friends, here is the venue of the 8th China Finance Summit. We are having an interview with President Hu Tingyu of seewo Education Institute. Hello, President Hu, welcome to CFS. Could you tell us the positioning of seewo?

    Hu Tingyu: seewo is positioned as an education informatization solution provider. We want to develop informatization application tools that are truly suitable for teachers and become their trusted professional development platform.


    Journalist: What are seewo’s unique advantages?


    Hu Tingyu: Our main advantages are the technological advantages and teacher growth services. Our parent company has a technical R&D personnel percentage of more than 60% and owns a well-established independent R&D system. By June 30, 2018, seewo had obtained 934 authorized patents, including 114 invention patents. In 2016 and 2017, our parent company (CVTE) had more patent applications than any of the other Guangzhou enterprises did. Besides, we have established the seewo Institute and initiated activities like seewo social charity campaign and seewo Xingtan Program to give teachers a variety of services in their self-development.


    Journalist: What influence did the parent company’s going public have on seewo?  


    Hu Tingyu: The parent company’s going public is a new start. When funded, we can make more diverse layouts. In addition to the TV business and the education business, we will make layouts for AI, medicine, health, etc. The cross-field layout has widened seewo’s horizon.  


    Journalist: What do you think of seewo’s future development goal and layout?


    Hu Tingyu: Better services. Although seewo may be known as an education hardware and equipment provider, we are offering users services for application, data and teacher development.

    Journalist: Could you tell us seewo’s current size?


    Hu Tingyu: seewo has just celebrated its 10th anniversary and is still at the forefront of the industry. Our hardware products are used in more than 1.2 million classrooms across China and our applied tools are serving tens of millions of teachers and students.   


    Journalist: What big plans do you have in 2019?


    Hu Tingyu: Education is in itself a slow industry. To work on education, we need insights into the kernel and the nature of education, not fast technological development, and then we should let technologies serve education. Please follow seewo at the Qingdao Exhibition because it will be different.


    Journalist: More solid and stable. Thank you for your information, President Hu and we thank seewo for its contribution to the education industry. Thank you!


    As President Hu said in the interview, seewo will carry on its educational exploration to get insights into the nature of education and let technologies serve education. In the future, seewo will continue innovating to make a contribution to contemporary education by boosting educational innovation and development by dint of scientific research and progress.