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    CVTE Research Wins the Championship in the Tianchi Big Data Competition


    Tianchi Big Data Competition, a data visualization innovation competition hosted by the most influential big data competition platform in China, has recently come to an end. During the competition, “CVTEDMer,” the representative team of CVTE Research, had an impressive performance and stood out from the 1,123 competing teams to win the championship.


    Championship of Tianchi Big Data Competition

    It is known that Alibaba Cloud Tianchi platform is industrially renowned for organizing “international,” “high-end,” and “smart” algorithm competitions. AI talents from around the world participated in the Tianchi Big Data Competition hosted by Alibaba to challenge each other for industrial rankings. Although differing in theme, all these years’ competitions have one thing in common: competitors can practice in authentic business scenarios by solving social or business problems with algorithms.  


    Under the theme of “Digital and Smart Education - Data Visualization Innovation,” this year’s competition explored the student and campus-oriented data analysis system through school education data analysis and visualization to better optimize teaching big data application scenarios.


    In the competition, the CVTEDMer team constructed a system solution and researched many key technologies in six dimensions: data visualization, impoverished student forecast, student social relation probing, student behavior rule detection, canteen visitor volume forecast and student semester digital report.

    Based on this, the CVTEDMer team used straightforward graphs to give definite answers to questions concerning schools and parents: How are my students doing? How do they get along with each other? Do they have a regular schedule? How to write the final comment based on each individual’s condition. Thus, the team gave them “microscopic” observation capability and “telescopic” forecasting capability.


    As for the scientific research level and the feasibility of its competing project, the CVTEDMer team won unanimous approval from the judging panel. Information Director Ye Zhongyong of Xiaoshi High School, a member of the jury for the competition, said after the competition that the CVTEDMer team was capable of deeply digging valuable information and integrating it with a visual system and their student social relation analysis is very appealing.


    Insist on independent innovation


    As a listed high-tech company, CVTE always holds fast to independent innovation in product research and development. Starting with the “brain of the television set” -- LCD main control board in 2005, CVTE independently designs and develops interactive smart flat panels. Targeting educational and conference scenarios, it has established two brands: seewo and MAXHUB, which are positioned as an educational informatization solution provider and a high-efficiency conference platform.

    In 2014, CVTE established the CVTE Research, which carries out frontier researches around visual computing, voice recognition, data mining, natural language processing, robot, medical signal processing, motor drive, etc., to foster the core competitiveness for the company.

    As the company’s technological innovation research institute dedicated to basic and applied researches, CVTE Research has made breakthroughs in many fields of research to push forward the disciplinary development and gained admission into international academic events including CVPR, ACL, ICASSP and IROS.


    While harvesting loads of fruits from its researches, CVTE Research keeps an eye on the application of frontier technologies and makes sure that the latest research results can fast be commercialized into CVTE products and solutions through business scenario-based subject research and in combination with application scenarios.

    Notably, many technical results of the CVTE Research data mining group are supporting the functional update and innovation of CVTE products and have even nurtured many brand-new products and services. Since it is transforming from a tool provider to a content provider and developing its in-house teaching resources, seewo, a CVTE education technology brand, needs to review a mass of resources. With the help of the CVTE Research data mining group, it has adopted the resource review algorithm to achieve the automatic review of parts of resources from such perspectives as originality, subjectivity and ingenuity and slash the costs of manpower and time.


    In the future, CVTE will continue investing in scientific researches, developing with the stimulus of independent innovation and fast commercializing the latest research results to propel frontier industrial technology development.