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    Firing Line Hero Celebration | Homage to Frontline CVTErs


    At CVTE, a group of young people are always active in the frontline of marketing to deliver customers the best product services. Working day and night, and around the world, they win acclamations for CVTE through their professionalism and high efficiency. They even have a cool group name -- firing line heroes.

    On June 22, the frontline CVTErs working around the world returned to the Guangzhou headquarters to attend the annual firing line hero celebration.

    For every year’s firing line hero celebration, CVTE prepares creative awards for different heroes, ranging from firing line heroes who always hold down the frontline to those supporting the frontline from the rear. 


    Firing line heroes – Always active at the frontline, firing line heroes who face customers. They manifest their professionalism through high efficiency and work diligently to provide only the best customer experiences. 


    Firing line supporters -- Despite their frustration, they pass on the sparkle of knowledge. During a dilemma, they stand forth to usher in the dawn of wisdom. In all plights and hardships, there are always heroes who are willing to give a helping hand. 


    Firing line backups – As the formidable backup of the firing line workers, they respond to the needs of the frontline and provide comprehensive solutions, hence the name “firing line backups.”


    The new firing line recruits are also worth mentioning. Although they have joined the company only half a year ago, they already permanently work at the frontline as young, accomplished and responsible employees. Indeed, in line with CVTE’s quickening pace overseas, CVTErs around the world keep forging ahead toward their ideals and dreams. Meanwhile, the Ever-Changing Award-winning employees always contemplate improvement and innovation plans instead of being content with the present, and they strive to turn complex jobs simple and efficient, changing our lives and work change fast. 

    A special group – the firing line heroes’ families also attended the awarding ceremony. Through their sensibility and generous support, they are the most reliable backups who support the heroes in their work and struggle for victory at the frontline. 


    Winning their way to brilliance, the firing line heroes of CVTE pursue their faith through their perseverance and struggling spirit. All of them share the same mission: To introduce every product they are proud of to the whole world with their flawless professionalism.