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    CVTE XICOO Medical Attends the 13th Annual Conference of Chinese Radiologist Association and Wins Plaudits with New Professional Medical Display Products


    On June 2, 2019, the 13th Annual Conference of Chinese Radiologists Association came to a perfect end at Guangzhou Changlong International Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference was hosted by the Chinese Medical Doctors Association and Chinese Radiologists Association and organized by Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital and Guangdong Medical Doctor Association. Around the theme “Glorious Profession and Lofty Mission,” the conference conducted an extensive discussion and exchange over the “standard and normative” promotion of standard and specialist training. 

    This conference dedicated to constantly improving the professional technical training for radiologists, expanding overseas and domestic exchange and forming a professional and standard Chinese radiologist team, XICOO, as a provider of medical imaging display integrated solutions, showed up and presented its new series of professional medical display products and solutions.

    XICOO medical multi-dimensional coordination and interaction center

    The XICOO Medical team, taking part in the conference for the first time, launched the 138-inch “multi-dimensional coordination and interaction center” that is based on user experience and in line with the “smart” trend in future medical imaging development. As a new release, it won plaudits and unanimous approval from participating experts with its brand new interaction experience and professional display accuracy.


    Prof. Wang Zhenchang, and Prof. Liang Changhong,

    President and Vice President of Chinese Radiologists Association, attend the conference and offer guidance


    In particular, the XICOO multi-dimensional coordination and interaction center carries a 138-inch LED imaging professional display equipment. Besides, produced with the seamless smart splicing technique, the equipment can be customized into 165-inch and even 220-inch. With 16BIT grayscale point-by-point Dicom curve adjustment technique, it displays high-precision medical images to meet radiology departments’ needs in display scenarios including consultation, reading and teaching. Meanwhile, its techniques including imaging wireless projection, cross-platform reverse operation and greyscale and color adjustment are helpful in improving users’ experience with the product.


    Prof. Liang Changhong, Vice President of the Association, 

    Prof. Ren Ke from Xiamen University, and Jian Zhuo, President of CVTE Medical Group have a conversation


    In addition to the smart application of “large scenarios,” XICOO Medical launched the “integrated ergonomic reading center” solution in the meantime to improve radiologists’ work experience and provide them with higher-quality, comfortable and professional display equipment and working environment. More than just giving radiologists a good workplace, the solution will offer radiologists a brand-new interaction experience and a more efficient office scenario with its display quality management platform, doctor auxiliary diagnosis function, doctor health management system and film automatic recognition technique.

    The integrated ergonomic reading center


    As a listed high-tech company, CVTE always believes that technological innovation can improve the diagnosis and treatment effects of medical services to help people live more healthily and enjoy convenient smart medical care. Staying faithful to the tenet of centering on people in technology, CVTE XICOO Medical never stops its exploration and development in the field of health and medicine.  


    The medical doctor association visits XICOO’s booth to offer a plaque


    Depending on its parent company CVTE, XICOO, as a provider of medical imaging display integrated solutions, always bases itself on user experience and dedicates itself to improving reading precision and improving the radiologists’ working environment.  


    At the conference, XICOO, as a newcomer, showcased a variety of solutions for the application of medical imaging centers in different scenarios, which include the solutions of integrated reading center, remote imaging consultation and diagnosis, multi-hospital coordinative morning reading, and cloud film display. 


    As the saying goes “A new-born pup does not fear tigers,” XICOO Medical, a new player in the industry, will continue its exploration and advance to make a contribution to the development of radiology in China.