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    CVTE MAXHUB Debuts at China International Big Data Expo to Showcase Its Big Data Innovation Fruits


    From May 26 to 29, the Fifth China International Big Data Industry Expo (the Expo for short) was presented in Guizhou as scheduled. As an important beacon in the global big data industry development, the Expo has been the stage for new technologies and the arena of large enterprises.


    According to the person in charge in the executive committee, a considerable number of high-level guests attended the Expo. The CVTE MAXHUB is the pioneer in the domestic conference flat panel market. This year, it was invited to the Expo to showcase its MAXHUB smart conference solution and its four major relevant products: MAXHUB conference signage, MAXHUB writing, MAXHUB wireless omni-directional microphone and MAXHUB podium.


    No longer unfamiliar to us, big data is already tangible and perceivable in our real life, which has been applied in many fields including corporate services, financial services and manufacturing industry, etc. Joining hands with SAP to launch the digital board to help enterprises accomplish their digital update and follow the transformation trend in the information era, MAXHUB has made its contribution to the big data era.


    MAXHUB joins force with SAP to launch the triple-screen interactive data board to facilitate Intelligent decision- making


    This time, MAXHUB has cooperated with SAP, a global technology leader in management software and solutions, to launch the triple-screen interactive smart corporate decision-making platform solution. Characterized by simple conference process, transparent management, and real-time data probing, the solution gives photographic presentations of more corporate data in conference rooms, offices, and senior management with its multi-screen interaction, data comment, and distant data sharing to bring its strategic value into full play and drive up corporate productivity with big data.


    MAXHUB Dual-screen Interactive Video Conference Solution makes possible “face-to-face” smooth cooperation 


    After the Cloud Conference is started, one screen of the dual-screen combination can achieve two-way interconnection of data flow, multi-terminal data sharing and real-time information synchronization and support remote writing interaction and screen sharing. The other screen for HD video conference not only supports video and audio dynamic smart adjustment via the MAXHUB wireless omnidirectional microphone[1],but also serves as a pickup of sounds from all directions[2] to reduce noise while playing clear human voice and make conference attendees feel like they were having a real face-to-face communication and collaboration. 


    MAXHUB smart conference solution focuses on the whole process of conference

    The combination of MAXHUB conference flat panel and its relevant products can achieve the interconnection of conference materials, outputs of creation and corporate data and serve the conference throughout the whole process with its functions including one-key reservation and notice before conference, online information sharing, notice synchronization, and conference participation smart reminder[3]. With human face recognition sign-in[4], touch control and writing, one-key wireless screen mirroring[5], and smooth remote coordination[6] during the conference as well as synchronous minutes sharing, real-time task follow-up, and time-saving and labor-saving unified equipment management[7], it connects everybody and everything in the conference, preserves the data and the knowledge assets generated by the conference and help with operation with data visualization to comprehensively improve conference efficiency and facilitate corporate digital upgrade.


    Realize “one-to-many” centralized management to help with IT resource release

    Along with the complex IT environment, the number of equipment needing maintenance and management is increasing, consuming massive labor and materials. From the perspective of IT agile management, the newly released MAXHUB conference management background can remotely manage all the MAXHUB equipment connected to the centralized control system for real-time monitoring of equipment. Meanwhile, when the network access is available, the MAXHUB centralized control system can push content to multiple terminals for centralized release of corporate information. In addition, enterprises can customize templates, wallpaper and software for centralized pushing, and update to obsolete the complex one-to-one operation.


    The MAXHUB LED display terminal provides large-to-medium conference rooms [8] with a presentation solution


    While offering the HD “giant screen” display, the MAXHUB all-in-one LED display terminal carries on with the excellent MAXHUB interaction experience. With seamless splicing technique, it avoids information misjudgment during data presentation, command and dispatch. Besides, the wireless interconnection with MAXHUB conference flat panel[9] enables the synchronous display of writing and commenting to make lectures more vivid with more highlights and can even liven up a 1000-people lecture hall.    


    Together with the continuous improvement in the Chinese information technology development, government agencies of all levels pay more attention to the development and the application of the big data industry, and increasingly more enterprises will be data-driven. In his congratulatory letter to the Expo, António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, says, “Expect to ‘create a digital world people take pride in and pass it down to our posterities’.”

    New technologies are accelerating the digital update in every industry. The data interaction platform jointly released by MAXHUB and SAP is extremely advantageous with its creative technologies and has been acknowledged by many different enterprises in their practice. In the future, MAXHUB will enhance its research and development to further boost enterprises’ digital transformation and lend a hand in the construction of digital governance system.



    1) Users need to purchase the MAXHUB wireless omni-directional microphone


    2) The 360° omni-directional pickup is only possible when the MAXHUB wireless omnidirectional microphone is not covered. 


    3) This is only possible with the MAXHUB conference reservation platform.


    4) This is only possible with the human face recognition software.


    5) The PC screen mirroring requires operating systems of Windows 7, macOS 10.10, and above. The phone and tablet screen mirroring requires Android 5.0, iOS 9.0, and above. Computers need the MAXHUB wireless display adapter for screen mirroring, and first-time users have to pair up the wireless display adapter and the conference flat panel. Phones and tablets need to download the MAXHUB screen mirroring assistant APP for their screen mirroring.


    6) When using the Cloud Conference on a PC or a phone for the first time, the user needs to log in. As for the operating system, it should be Android 4.0 and above, and iOS 7.1 and above for phone and tablet, Win 7 and above for PC, and macOS 10.1 and above for mac. Many methods mean joining the conference via email, website link, and conference ID entry. 


    7) This is only possible with the MAXHUB conference management background.


    8) Large-to-medium conference rooms accommodate more than 30 people.


    9) They need to be in the same local area network.