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    CVTE seewo Shows Up at the International Conference on AI and Education


    From May 16 to 18, 2019, the International Conference on AI and Education jointly organized by the UNESCO, the Ministry of Education, China National Commission for UNESCO, and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality was held in Beijing. President Xi sent a congratulatory letter to the conference. Vice Premier Sun Chunlan of the State Council and Minister Chen Baosheng of the Ministry of Education attended the opening ceremony. More than 600 domestic and overseas delegates participated in the event to explore the development direction of education in the AI era.

    Concurrently, an AI + educational application achievement exhibition was put on. Having been strictly screened by the Ministry of Education, the enterprises and solutions on the exhibition represented the highest level of the Chinese education and AI. Through an application and a review, seewo, a CVTE educational brand, fortunately became the only representative in the sector of “AI + Education Management.”

    Since the smart data visualization platform is indispensable for the“AI + Educational Management,” the “data visualization platform for educational equipment” released by seewo attracted lots of eyeballs at the exhibition. Its terminal access and management services based on the seewo IoT platform can deliver multi-brand and multi-equipment remote management and conduct smart analysis and visualization of the service data of the educational equipment and application in the area to help administrators at the Education Bureau to fast position and interpret the IT application in each school and present the massive data to decision makers in a graphic and scientific way to offer the data support for subsequent decision-making of educational informationization.

    The multitudinous management data are from the application tools of educational informationization. The user-friendly smart tools showcased by seewo like Digital Campus Information Window, Interactive Smart Recorder and Normalized Smart Classroom became the spotlights of the exhibition.

    The seewo Cloud Class Card, a digital campus information window, synchronizes the class management and the evaluation data on the cloud platform and server to panoramically display the school’s results of informationization and realize multi-dimensional presentation and IT-based management for the school.

    The Routine Smart Classroom of seewo covers all the teaching processes prior to, during and after the class, centers on the interaction and exploration-based classroom and flexibly materializes a variety of efficient classroom teaching scenarios by giving priority to students, meeting teachers’ different teaching needs and applying technologies including multi-screen application, real-time feedback, content sharing, smart correction and layered pushing.

    Modern technologies play an important role in the promotion of educational equality just like Vice Premier Sun Chunlan of the State Council said at the conference, “To prepare for the future, China will proactively exert the role of modern technologies in promoting educational equality and improving educational quality and facilitate the innovation of educational concept, teaching method and management.”

    Therefore, the seewo Interactive Smart Recorder drew a lot of attention. With a powerful remote interaction function and a simple and practical operation, it boosts the promotion of express classroom. Besides, on the management platform of recorder resources, all the classroom videos can be cut and given key frame descriptions according to the teacher’s teaching tempo. This has built a smart individualized self-development platform for teachers, enabled the high-quality educational resources to be made full use of and helped each region to expand the effective mechanism of the full coverage of superior educational resources by means of modern information technologies to narrow the gaps between regions, urban and rural areas and schools and boost educational balance.


    As AI is exerting a far-reaching effect on education, seewo will continue its exploration and innovation in this frontier domain. In the future, it will push forward the educational innovation through the progress of technological research and deliver better support for teachers’ teaching, students’ learning and school management to benefit the balanced development of education informationization.