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    Teachers from More Than 50 Higher Education Institutions Visit CVTE to Discuss the Talent Development in Schools and Enterprises


    What is the gap between the talent cultivation in higher education institutions and enterprises’ need for human resources? What responsibility should an enterprise take in talent cultivation and development? What kind of enterprise is CVTE? How does it feel to work at CVTE?

    On May 17, the higher education talent forum hosted by CVTE was held at its Guangzhou headquarters, and teachers from more than 50 higher education institutions across China accepted the invitation. Through this opportunity, they visited CVTE to get first-hand information on its business layout and future plans, experience its organizational climate and exchange with its senior management and the alumni working at the company.

    Wang Yiran, Chairman of CVTE; Wu Caiping, Director of Growth Academy; Zeng Meiling, Chief Human Resources Officer; and Lv Danfeng, Senior Vice President attended the forum and gave speeches. The representative of the alumni also addressed the forum.

    At first, Wang Yiran, Chairman of CVTE, showed the company’s business layout and future plan to the teachers. Presently, the company engages in such fields as component, future education, enterprise service, healthcare and smart hardware and runs a number of independent brands including seewo, MAXHUB, and XICOO. At the event, Wang Yiran delineated a blueprint for teachers: with the help of the company’s technological research and development, different products and services of CVTE will be used in life, workplace and other scenarios for more convenience and higher efficiency.

    Afterwards, Zeng Meiling, Chief Human Resources Officer of CVTE, gave an overview of the company’s campus recruitment. With the continuous growth of CVTE, the talents recruited through this channel are growing in number and percentage, with major higher education institutions having become important sources of manpower for the company. However, according to Zeng Meiling, there are still many challenges in the practical campus recruitment, for example, the discrepancy between school education and the enterprise’s need for employees, namely the discrepancy between knowledge and cognitive dimension. She expressed her expectation for school-enterprise joint cultivation and discussed with the teachers more feasible measures.

    At the forum, Wu Caiping, Director of the Growth Academy who is responsible for the company’s talent cultivation, asserted that, at CVTE, managers are neither officials nor leaders, and the only difference between them and other professionals is the job. The company would provide everyone, whether he or she wants to be a manager or a professional, with sufficient growth platforms. Every new employee of CVTE can choose a career direction based on his/her interest and competence. On every employee’s growth path, the Growth Academy arranges on-boarding, induction, and on-the-job training for different stage and makes the training plan of rotation and working on secondment for talents who may take up integrated management in the future so that they can gather more experience with more dimensions.

    At the midsession of the event, the representative of the alumni said in the speech that at CVTE, a place with as much cordiality as in the school, everyone is equal such that the founders would even work and dine with the employees, and every voice and advice, no matter how unimportant they seem to be, are taken seriously. Every employee can find the right development platform and get the self-development opportunity as long as he or she is willing to grow. During the event, the teachers of higher education institutions had an in-depth communication with the alumni and the senior management. Each of them shared the reflections on higher education institutions, and the enterprise’s talent cultivation from different perspectives.

    At last, Lv Danfeng, Senior Vice President of CVTE, introduced the enterprise’s organizational climate, which, to a company, is the values, the spiritual source of success, and the factor deciding how far it can go in the future. Freedom, equality, acceptance, sharing, and ambition go deep into the mindset of every CVTE employee. Meanwhile, the company must have a pursuit higher than profitability. CVTE wishes our existence to give more people have a successful career and a happy life.

    On the path of innovative development, CVTE always seeks excellent people, provides employees with a broader platform for growth and uses the anticipation and imagination for the future as the driving force for innovation to create brand new future scenarios of life, work, education, medical care, mobility and business for man just like its company vision: “As a result of our existence, more people will be able to have a successful career and a happy life.”